How to Use a Machete Safely – Proper Ultimate Guide

How to Use a Machete Safely – Proper Ultimate Guide

Many machete enthusiasts are scared of using machetes because they don’t know how to use a machete safely. That is why this post will provide you with the ultimate guide on how to handle machete safely. It will cover all aspects such as precautions, usage, carrying a machete, keeping a … Read more

How to make a Machete Sheath

How to Make a Machete Sheath

Machete is a handy and essential tool for people interested in gardening and adventurous/camping kind of lives because it can be used for many reasons. Machete is a handy traditional tool, and it is a hazardous tool for the user and its surroundings. That is why it is best to … Read more

types of machetes

Types of Machetes for Every Situation in 2023

There are several types of machetes available on the market. There is a long and illustrious history behind machetes, which may surprise you. It’s an amazing instrument with various applications that have been seen worldwide. There are several versions and types of a machete, each with its own set of … Read more