The Best Combat Machetes For 2021 – Never Seen Before

Machetes appeared more than two million years ago, and since then, we have been actively using them not only for hunting but Best Combat Machete also use for household cooking. And if a kitchen knife is lightweight and has a thin cutting part, then a combat knife must meet several quality criteria to be called good.

For example, experts design an ideal hunting weapon based on its direct purpose: hunting, fishing, martial arts. It must have a certain weight, width, length.


There are many types of hunting blades, but some have established themselves as the most beautiful combat knives in the world. In this article, we will tell you about 12 of them, time-tested, hunter, Long machete, and army fighters.

Our Top 3 Picks For Best Combat Machete 2021

When purchasing a combat machete, remember to look for the critical characteristics of a quality model.

  • Easy To Carry
  • Sharp
  • Made of Best Carbon Steel
  • Comfortable grip
  • Well balanced swing
  • Excellent easy to use the holster

There are hundreds of models that could be the best machete in the world in most Internet markets. That is good and bad.

Gerber Bear Machete

  • Better angled blade sway
  • Less slip
  • best tactical cutlass


Duku Combat Machete


  • Edge Retention
  • Shears thick frozen wood
  • Best for the brush


Condor Golok Machete


  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Durability
  • Amazing hardwood handle


More options are good because there are many designs, sizes, and prices for everyone. But it is also wrong because it is overwhelming to try to analyze them all. And that’s where we come in. Here at Survival Blog, we focus on the best survival gear on the market.

Therefore, we only highlight and present what we consider, under our exhausting analysis, the best Combat machete at different prices. Then let’s get started!

List Of 12 Best Combat Machete 2021

Best Combat MacheteRatingsPrice
Gerber Parang Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
KUKRI KA-BAR 2-1249-9⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Condor GOLOK – Best Long Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Duku Machete – Combat Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Micarta Handle With Sheath⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ontario Combat Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Village Bolo Parang Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
97BWM12S Bowie Sheath Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐
KA-BAR 14 Grass Field Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Katana Cold Steel 97THKLS Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐
Bolo Engineer Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
El Salvador’s Tactical Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐

1: Gerber Parang Machete – Condor combat machete

gerber machete

This Gerber Parang Machete is our best choice not for Bear Grylls, but its high quality at such a low price. It has a unique blade angle that specially designs to clean brushes and limbs. You can also use it gently for gardening, camping, firewood processing, and to remove obstructions from trails. Despite of the curvature, you’re going to get lots more movement than a straight edge knife.

The machete blade is 34.3 centimeters; it also has a forward weight that creates additional momentum for easy cutting. Full tang high carbon steel blade resists corrosion and maintains a perfect cutting edge. The Condor combat machete has an exceptionally ergonomic textured rubber grip that gives your hand an excellent solid feel that maximizes its comfort.

In addition to reducing slippage, the handle also does a great job of absorbing most of the impact. It also comes with a drawstring cord that improves grip security by acting as a guard.

Best Combat Machete has a solid nylon sheath that may not be the best quality, but you won’t complain about the price. The case carries a small survival guide, which is quite informative on Gerber. Above all, it is highly functional; however, some may have difficulty removing the machete from the sheath due to its contoured structure. But, this Parang has all the qualities to go directly to your tactical bag.

  • Better angled blade sway
  • Less slip
  • World’s best tactical cutlass
  • Comes with a survival guide.
  • Best quality-price machete.
  • It has a medium quality nylon sheath.


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2: KUKRI KA-BAR 2-1249-9 – Military Machete

Kukri machete

This special design, perfect quality kukri machete, comes from Ka-Bar, a beast on a cheap machete. You can use it for camping, hiking, churning, brush clearing, and especially for survival purposes like all other Military Machete. Its relatively short 29.21-centimeter blade made from carbon steel that has an impressively sharp edge. Sharpening the small kukri cutlass also takes a little effort.

Best Combat Machete blade weighs forward and is light, making it perfect for creating plenty of power when hitting. The full tang blade is very nimble and thick, although its coating may come off after some serious abuse.

The handle on this Ka-Bar tactical kukri cutlass made from Kraton G thermoplastic elastomer and, as always, includes a hole for a lanyard. The balance is surprisingly excellent and will give you a very comfortable and comfortable feeling in your hand. The case is a combination of Cordura and black leather. It has a D-ring hoop that you can clip on with the belt and makes the carry flexible as it spins when you sit down.

Due to its smaller blade, you will face difficulties in places where you have to reach. It certainly isn’t for snacking hard. The pod is not strong enough. Although, for the price, it is a pretty good price-quality Kukri to buy.

  • Excellent balance and flexibility.
  • The best machete for camping
  • Machete Ideal for survival.
  • Best cheap machete
  • Scope problem
  • medium quality pod


3: Condor GOLOK – Best Long Machete

best combat machete

If the aesthetic appeal of any cutlass has any significant value and its high functionality for you, this 48.26-centimeter Condor Golok cutlass has that unique combination.

This nifty survival tool designs so that one day it can become a collectible of increasing value. It shouldn’t be the final criterion for buying a machete, but it tells you about its overall quality. The 35.56-centimeter blade of this long machete made from high carbon 1075 steel that incorporates strength.

The thick and solid blade has a curved design that allows it to have the right balance by facilitating cutting bamboo, branches, shrubs, branches, and even stumps. Best Combat Machete is completely black epoxy powder coating machete arrives with a walnut handle with brass bolts and a lanyard opening. Long Machete handle has a fantastic finish and ties the entire tool together. No blistering will occur from this perfect handle, and slipping problems are minimized by having an ideal grip.

The high-quality case, made of high-quality leather, improves its durability. You can easily carry this case as it rotates when you sit down. It can quickly become one of the best quality machete in your machete collection.

Some of the users have found the machete a bit heavy, and the blade a bit small. The price is average, although the quality and performance of the Golok exceed its amount. One thing is for sure; you certainly won’t be disappointed.

  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Durability
  • Amazing hardwood handle
  • Heavy machete


4: Duku Machete – Condor Combat Machete

condor knife

Let us introduce you to one of the best Condor creations, the 15 and ½ inch blade Duku machete. It can also be used very effectively to clean the brush, cut, camp, and survive.

The 22 and ¼-inch solid full-tang machete is made from high-carbon 1075 steel, giving you long-term durability and unique cutting resistance. This hard-hitting chunk of metal comes with a stunning leather case that lessens your maintenance hassles. The fit and finish of this must-have machete are excellent.

Condor Combat Machete blade that narrows to the handle’s width and widens toward the tip exerts massive percussive power to the edge. Best Combat Machete are mid-range cutlass has a fantastic edge retention attribute. The highlight of this excellent survival tool is its signature handle, that allows for extra leverage when you hit.

The technique involves releasing the handle’s grip a little bit after a downward stroke and creating a pivot in the back of the palm. It is the ultimate expert opinion that will benefit your hand by having less impact. The thick and firm wooden handle will not slip, even not from your wet hand due to its curved finish.

The long, round handle of this Duku Machete, which will hardly cause blistering even after prolonged use, can create some grip issues for people with smaller palms. In that case, you can try the Mini Duku Parang Machete with a 10-inch blade.

  • Excellent edge retention
  • Shears through thick frozen wood
  • The best machete for the cleaning brush.
  • Cuts bigger things very well
  • Comes with distinctive handle
  • The worst of the Duku Machete
  • Grip problems for smaller palms


5: Micarta Handle With Sheath – Fighting Machete

Micarta Esee lite

You get what you pay for; this phrase couldn’t be more exact for this Warlock machete. Made from high carbon 1075 steel, this 5mm comprehensive full tang machete is an example of excellent craftsmanship.

Its perfect 31.75 cm blade has a very nice edge that will make its way in the jungle, wooden advantages, hedges, and other nasty things. Fighting Machete most impressive thing about this jungle machete is the balance that is obtained by having a forward weight.

Fighting Machete top-quality tool has a black epoxy powder coated blade finish that makes it almost addictive. The fantastic Micarta handle will make you get an excellent grip even when wet, rare for another machete. It feels so good in your hand that after you take it out of the box, you’ll immediately want to go out into the woods and cut something.

This unique item can be operated with one hand and will not escape with the swing.  It is also comfortable to hold for people with a substantial hand. Best Combat Machete comes with a large black leather case that multiplies its incredible features.

You can walk or run while the sheath rests comfortably on your hip. The case has two pressure retainers, and you can quickly put your Warlock back in the case. This jungle machete may seem expensive, but it has a degree of versatility that you can’t find in another machete. All other military machete has a uniqueness in their respective fields, while this sturdy piece of equipment is versatile.

  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Black epoxy powder coating blade
  • Comfortable Micarta handle
  • long durability
  • Great versatility.
  • It has a high price.


6: Ontario Combat Machete – Best For fighting

ontario knife

If you want a stylish and functional military machete that lasts a long time, then it is for you. The price is very low for a machete that has served the military so well for years. Its relatively long 45.72 cm blade is made from 1095 carbon steel and hardens to 50-55 HRC.

Although the overall length is 60.96 centimeters, this heavy-duty tool is very well balanced and can consider as the Best Combat Machete for trail cleaning. This military machete has a molded plastic riveted handle. But the square-shaped handle may not be comfortable enough as the bottom edge can bury in your hand when you hit hard.

Machete fighting can wrap the handle with adhesive tape, as many do, to solve this problem. Not including a sheath is a significant drawback for this military machete. You have to order it separately. But hey! At such a low price, you can’t get much better than this Ontario military machete.

  • Long durability
  • Military-grade tool
  • Well balanced tool
  • Best bush cleaning machete
  • Square handle
  • Without cover included


7: Village Bolo Parang Machete – Short Chopping tool

village parang machete

This Condor Village Parang Machete is the little brother of our champion, Condor Bolo Machete. Made from the same high-carbon 1075 steel, this work has a 12-inch blade, slightly shorter than the Bolo. The impressive 5mm thick Parang comes with an intelligent edge.

This high-performance artist’s specialty lies in chopping wood, chopping branches, and chopping wood. In addition to that, this rude can accompany you on your walks and camps if his strength is not too much.

The flawless handle has a smooth finish that fits well in hand. If you are worried that it might get out of hand when it hits you hard, don’t do it. Because its softness designs in such a way that it will not happen. The hardwood handle gives this full tang machete a comfortable and balanced grip. For sure, you will not forget its leather case that comes with an exquisite dark brown finish.

The design of the high-quality leather case requires pulling the machete upwards. That said, the sheath also has an internal silicone blade guard that keeps the blade’s secure seam very sharp. Although this Parang is smaller than the Bolus, it may still seem a bit thick and heavy to some of you. There is no need to sharpen the cutlass when considering it to be a primary cutting tool as the edge will be affected. All in all, this machete is an extreme value for money.

  • Multifunctional
  • Perfect Handle
  • Fairly Durable Edge
  • Medium-Heavy
  • Moderate Thickness


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8: 97BWM12S Bowie Sheath Combat Machete – Best For Workhouse

Tactical machete

Now let’s meet the lightest workhorse and the cheapest combat machete in the Cold Steel family. This 30.48-centimeter blade Bowie Machete is shorter than most machete but more extensive than most knives.

Its 1055 carbon steel blade has a striking antioxidant matte finish that can do a great job of cutting hedges, shrubs, and limbs. The sharp and pointed tip of this sweet blade makes it the best combat and hunting machete. The blade maintains a perfect edge and has a decent edge holding capacity.

The thick and thin polyethylene handles has a rugged matte look that helps you to have a rather firm and secure grip. This Best Combat Machete also has a lanyard hole to ensure more security.

The case made with Cor-Ex, which comes with it, is quite designed with rivets and hard plastic reinforcement at the tip. At such an incredibly low price, this quality case is a true beast. You may find it too short to act as an excellent machete in some conditions. Also, it is not a massive duty tool for sure. It may not have the reach or firepower of a machete, but the decent edge, excellent point, and low price make it easily a winner.

  • Great self-defense weapon
  • Low price
  • Good penetration
  • Annoying sticker on the sheet
  • short-range


9: KA-BAR 14 Knife – Grass Field Machete

Ka bar grass machete

Next on our top tier machete list is Ka-Bar 14-Inch Grass Machete. While its specialization is the chopping of trees, plants and soft plants, its pretty stable 1085 stainless steel blade will turn this field machete into a powerful cutting weapon.

The blade has a duplex grinding that provides an excellent edge, although it slightly reduces the cutting capacity by creating a certain amount of friction. The 49.53-centimeter machete holds the edge very well and can take a lot of hits.

Its beautifully designed handle made from black Kraton G that enhances its performance and durability. Best Combat Machete has a lanyard hole to provide additional security, and the tip of the handle prevents the field machete from slipping when you hit.

Although previously there were some complaints about the handle due to wiggling, it was addressed and resolved by Ka-Bar. So you don’t need to worry anymore, and you can buy it with confidence. It also comes with a decent Cordura case that could have been much better. Although the pod is not top-notch, it serves basic purposes. It is not a fancy tool but a highly functional tool.

  • Duplex grinding
  • Nice design
  • Great functionality
  • Below standard sheath


10: Katana Cold Steel 97THKLS – Long Blade Fighting Machete

Two handed katana

Cold Steel has created a unique looking sword-shaped machete, an excellent piece for jungle transportation, camping, and pruning tall grass. Yes, we are talking about the two-handed Katana machete that we have selected to be on our list of the best survival machete in the world.

This comparatively large machete has a 24-inch blade length made from 1055 carbon steel with an anti-rust black matte finish. Fighting machete longest blade gives you the distance to defend yourself against animals and can take many hits without making it boring.

The 2.8mm thick blade machete doesn’t carry that weight forward like other heavy machete and won’t cut much deeper on more impenetrable things. The 41.91 cm extended handle will give you tremendous influence. This large handle, being made of polypropylene, will prevent it from slipping quickly and give you a good grip.

As this large machete can handle both hands, you will need an excellent paracord for its lanyard hole, which will give you much more comfort and safety. The Cor-Ex case is of medium quality and does not include straps. Although the large katana machete fits nicely into it, it may seem a bit tricky to handle this long blade. It is one of the best kukri machete for money and made to be used and abused.

  • Great survival tool.
  • Unique blade length
  • Best machete
  • Good price
  • Less boost
  • Medium quality pod
  • Handling may seem complicated


11: Bolo Engineer – High Quality Machete

engineer bolo machete

In our search for the best combat machete, we found this cutting champion, the Bolo machete from Condor Engineer, a true competitor. This substantial steel is one of the best quality tools you will ever find in the Condor family. It is made of 1075 high carbon steel and has a 15-inch long, well-tempered blade. Its 5mm thick blade makes it a heavy-duty machete that can crush almost all kinds of strong limbs and wood.

So, what do you say? Isn’t this great guy a good combination to be in your backpack while you go camping, digging, cutting, or cutting through the brushes?

The beautiful hardwood handle that is quite smooth increases the cutting effect of a bump when angling the blade, demonstrating the excellent quality of the blade and handle. Its high-quality, durable leather case resists scratches that last a long time. Also, this great looking pod is very sturdy and functional, with no apparent manufacturing issues. Having the front weight on this solid heavy machete causes it to sink quickly when a punch made.

Tactical Machete trick lies in its heavyweight that creates the required momentum. To be honest, this is the type of product that made to be used and abused. Best Combat Machete is not only reason for concern with this beast is its heaviness. You will need some strength if you want to take it with you for long-distance hiking or camping.

One thing is for sure; this is not for fans. The sculpted vent cutlass can be your lifelong friend, and your grandchildren will undoubtedly inherit it while praising your foresight.

  • Long term sharpness
  • The best machete for chopping
  • Profound cuts
  • Made for good control
  • Very heavy
  • The handle may appear too soft.


12: El Salvador’s Tactical – Best Cheap Machete

combat machete

Meet our next El Salvador candidate, who is ideal for cutting small branches with his 18-inch blade. Its thick, sturdy blade made of 1075 high-carbon steel that won’t chip easily. But also, this is not made to cut hard. Its black epoxy powder coating blade gives it a great look and will keep the rust away if you take care of yourself a little.

This quality tool has a sturdy and comfortable handle made of high impact polypropylene. But some may find the handle a bit small and slippery. In that case, you can try to change the shape of the identifier according to your preferences using a file.

The case is beautiful and well made, although a leather strap with a clasp could have used to improve overall quality. At this reasonable price, El Salvador offers a lot.

  • Black epoxy powder coating blade
  • High impact polypropylene handle.
  • Reasonable price
  • Handle a little small
  • Not for hard nibbling
  • Medium quality pod


Buyer’s Guide For Best Combat Machete 2021


Because there is no way to avoid it: all survival kits must be multifunctional. For example, an item in my backpack that does not serve at least two purposes is suitable for replacement. Why? Because in a survival situation, the package space and weight are significant.So the lighter my tactical backpack can make, the faster I can move, and the farther I can travel. Also, the more compact I can make, the more maneuver I can be in a fight or flight situation.

One of the newest additions to my package is a correct multitasking tool – a survival machete! The Military Tactical Machete is the original survival tool! Now, the word “machete” tends to evoke bad movie images—scenes where a group of castaways slowly follows a jungle killer. And jungle clearing is what tactical machete is known for best ones. But it is not all that this survival tool can do. There are many more uses for this versatile piece of equipment.


A survival machete is a broad blade often used as an ax or in combat as a short sword.A machete blade is typically 12.8 to 17.7 inches long and generally less than 0.12 inches thick.Some form of a machete appears in almost every culture in the world. It comes in a wide variety of shapes and construction methods.


Many of these have specific names. There is the Nepalese “kukri, “the “Parang “of Malaysia, the “bolus†of the Philippines, etc. For some areas, the survival machete is a traditional part of regional identity — a place where even young children know how to use it and look for their machete appropriately.

Because when I mention “machete,” I say a wide variety of big straight blades and an end handle to stabilize the edge. In this article, I will refer to all variations simply as “Survival machete. ” But many blade shapes perform similar tasks and can be somewhat interchangeable.


For a tool to be known worldwide, it has to well design for the task it will perform. With the tactical survival machete, you can use it for all these tasks:

  • Self-defense
  • Harvest products
  • Remove animal skin
  • Open a can
  • Cut trees
  • Create tinder
  • Razorblade
  • Wood Carving
  • Fillet fish
  • Break nuts and more!

Few tools can cut a small tree as fast as they can scare intruders. But the survival machete can do both of those tasks, and that’s what I call “insane versatility.” But having such versatility requires important features. So let’s go over the key features to look for in your next survival machete.


Most machete has a short, heavy blade. It is generally sharpened on one side and left blunt or serrated on the opposite side. And for most, you can operate it with one hand. Many blades dropped around 14′′ and 24′′ in length. However, some applications (such as pruning trees) require a longer, lighter blade.

Steel Blade for COMBAT Machete

High carbon steel blades that harden into spring-type steel are traditionally best for a machete. It results in a powerful but flexible blade. One that handles shocks better and is more resistant to breakage or chips.

The disadvantage of this type of steel is that it can be more prone to oxidation and does not have such a long edge. Rust can be controlled by frequently cleaning and wiping the blade with oil. So the smoother angle of the bottom resists cracks so dulls. There are also stainless steel machete blades on the market today. And although these knives are far more corrosion-resistant, they appear to be more fragile and may crack with extreme violence.

Also, stainless steel can usually be challenging to sharpen correctly. So you also need a Best Sharpening Stones for this machete. And it’s best to stop stainless steel on the next defense machete. That said, there is an exception. Some stainless steel blades use a new type of stainless steel: 3CR13 stainless steel. This stainless steel has corrosion-resistant properties, but it is also easy to sharpen and has impressive durability.

Machete with Full Tang

Best Combat Machete often uses in hacking and cutting tasks, so you want yours to be extremely durable. They often construct with a full tang. It means that the metal of the blade extends through the handle. And the grips are generally attached by a rivet through the edge.

Full tang construction is much more durable and partial tang. Because the blade cannot release from the handle during use in difficult or tough situations.


Several modern machete styles feature a saw blade back. It gives the user the ability to make more beautiful cuts or cut material that is too thick to cut.These saws generally do not have many attached teeth.

Therefore, they do not cut or clean sawdust. Like a dedicated saw blade machete, it provides additional functionality in a worthwhile package. Another frequent feature of the modern machete is a substantial steel knob, the end cap on the handle’s bottom. This solid steel cap provides a makeshift hammer without damaging the handle.


You also want your machete to come with a quality sleeve. Without a sheath, these blades are dangerous to carry. The machete blades are long and sharp, so they can accidentally hit your legs, arms (or if it’s outside your backpack), and others. Ensure the sheath is thick, fits snugly on the blade, and has a way to secure the blade to the sheath. You don’t want the case to slip during a fight!

FAQ’S For Best Combat Machete

Let’s look at some questions that people frequently ask.

Yes, you can use machete as a weapon. It is widely used among the military worldwide.
The machete that is small and easy to carry but very strong and sharp is best for survival. We have selected CRKT Chance in hell as the best to survive.
The machete that is long and holds the edges for a long time are generally suitable for cleaning brush. Long blades give you the advantage of reaching the brush smoothly, and right edge retention will keep you working for a long time. We have selected Duku Machete as the best to clean weeds.
We have selected Micarta Handle With Sheath as the best full machete as it works excellently in every situation where you put it.
We have selected 97BWM12S Bowie Sheath Combat Machete as one of the best combat machetes as it will give you flexibility and has a perfect piercing tip.
The best high-end cutlass is our first choice, Gerber Parang Machete.
It depends on what type of work the machete needs.


In our list of the best combat machete, we have tried to give you a complete guide to choosing the perfect combination. If you want to learn more about machetes then you just simply click on it. We do not claim that this list is the most complete.

You may also have some other cool machete that can fit well into your daily life. But we are confident enough that a detailed analysis of our posts will help you easily choose the best combat machete for you. We have compiled thousands of machete reviews and thoroughly analyzed them. After hours of study, we have presented you with this list. We hope you find this article useful.

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