9 Best Kukri Machetes 2021 – Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

Updated: July 19, 2021

Are you looking for the ultimate helpful tool? If yes so, we have brought for you the best kukri machetes that could be a practical companion for anyone who does camping, bushcraft, survival, wants to keep plants and grass in the garden small. But even in the case of self-defense, this tool should not be underestimated.

best kukri machetes

Machetes are useful cutting tools that have been used as practical tools and brutal weapons in combat for centuries. However, there is no actual history of origin for the machete, as it is available in many different world types. There are also many differences in construction, equipment, and application within a specific type of machete.

All of this can make it challenging to choose the Cold steel kukri machete for personal use, even for someone with a lot of experience with knives and swords. This post intends to be a small guide that introduces you to many machetes available today and tries to explain the Kukri knife products and what you should look out for in machetes for different applications.


Recommended Best kukri machete Mid-Range

In summary, machetes are a helpful tool that can be ideal for many outdoor adventurers. Hatchets, knives, axes, and swords may be beneficial, but they cannot do all of your Bushcraft & Survival tasks simultaneously as properly chosen Best kukri machetes can.

Gerber Bear Grylls Parang

Gerber Bear Grylls Parang

  • Better swing with angled blade
  • Good grip
  • Good “all-round”

Swiss Device Kukri Machete

Swiss Device Kukri Machete

  • lightweight
  • robust helper in the forest
  • very cheap

Condor Warlock Kukri

Condor Warlock Kukri

  • Aesthetic look
  • Epoxy powder coating
  • Comfortable handle

Machetes are versatile cutting tools that have been used as valuable tools and brutal weapons in combat for centuries. However, there is no actual history of origin for the sword, as it is available in many different types worldwide. So, as stated above, there are several other factors to consider when choosing the Best kukri for bushcraft, so you must take the time to decide how you want to use your machete.

Therefore which of the above factors are most important to you. However, if you want to buy a machete, you should first look at these nine kukri models: Here is the list of the best kukri machetes of 2021.


List Of 09 Best Kukri Machetes For Sale

Best Kukri MachetesRatingsPrice
Kershaw Machete Camp 14 and 18⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Fiskars Machete Kukri Knife⭐⭐⭐⭐
Swiss device – Cold Steel Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cold Steel Jungle Carbon Steel Machetes⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Outdoor Edge Brush Demon⭐⭐⭐⭐
Walther Mach TAC 1 – Kukri knife
Condor Warlock – Best survival machete
Schrade KUKRI Survival Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Kershaw Machete Camp 14 and 18 – Cold steel kukri machete

A little shorter than Camp 18, which is also available, the Kershaw Camp 14 Machete offers a little more control in handling but is still a high-performance machete for cutting hard and woody plants.

They are equipped with a heavy-duty, approx. 35 cm long drop point blade made of 65 MN carbon-rich tool steel with a thickness of approx. 5 mm. It is a smooth cutting edge and a convex cut with a black powder coating to prevent corrosion. This is a full Machete!


Kershaw Machete Camp


Also, this Best survival machete, which is approximately 50 cm long, has a complete tang construction and offers a super comfortable handle design. The handle has a dark gray composition handle with a black, structured Sure-Grip rubber coating for safe handling even when wet and includes a molded plastic sheath.

The Kershaw Machete Camp 18, with a total length of 61.5 cm, is the most oversized item in the current Kershaw range. The approximately 45 cm long, full-tang blade is made of 65Mn steel like the Camp 14. Both best Kukri knife for sale offers a wide range of uses, from processing branches and bushes to more delicate work, such as making chips to light a bonfire.



  • Excellent black powder coating
  • Polymer handle with structured rubber
  • good, variable sheath
  • neatly processed
  • Excellent for tough use


  • Medium quality blade material


2. Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete – Best Survival Machete

This Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete is our recommendation if you want to buy a Mache. Not because of Bear Grylls, but because of their high quality at such a low price. It has a unique cutting angle that specially develops for the removal of bushes and branches. These machetes can easily use for gardening, camping, processing firewood, and removing obstacles.

Because of its curvature, you get much more momentum than with a straight knife machete. In addition, the 34 cm long and 3.3 mm thick blade has a center of gravity near the tip, which creates additional momentum to hook branches quickly.


kukri machetes


The full-tang blade made of carbon-rich steel is corrosion-resistant and holds sharpness exceptionally well. In addition, the Best Survival Machete has an unusually ergonomic, structured rubber handle, as you know it from the Bear Grylls knife, which gives your hand a solid feel and maximizes your comfort.

In addition to reducing slip resistance, the handle also does an excellent job of absorbing most of the impact. The Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete is delivered with a lanyard, which increases the grip of another protective device.

The Best kukri machetes have a solid nylon sheath, which may not be the best quality, but is perfectly fine for this price. In addition, the scabbard carries a small survival guide, which supports the survival character of this machete.

The scabbard is very functional, but some find it challenging to pull the machete out of the shell due to its contoured structure. But, this Parang machete from Gerber has qualities that fit directly into your bug-out bag, survival kit, or bushcraft equipment.



  • Better swing thanks to the angled blade
  • Good grip
  • good “all-round” machete
  • Survival guide included
  • good price/performance ratio


  • Medium quality nylon sheath


3. Fiskars Machete – Best Kukri knife

The durable machete by Fiskars with a blade length of 22 cm is perfect for chopping off small and medium-sized branches up to a diameter of approx.

5 cm for trees and bushes, for clearing outshoots and undergrowth in the garden or forest, but also for removing bark on tree trunks. In contrast to many other machetes presented here, the blade made of precision steel is strongly curved at the tip and has a “hook.”


kukri knife


This additional feature has advantages and disadvantages. An advantage of this hook is the injury-free and safe collection and lifting of undergrowth, but also that you can hook it with it and cut tendrils or small branches by pulling. In addition, the Fiskars Machete has an optimal weight distribution, high cutting performance and is suitable for right/left-handers.

This tool arch the nonstick rearward bent steel blade, together with a non-slip grip, allows effortless. The glass fiber reinforced plastic handle offers a firm hold thanks to the curved handle end and the non-slip soft-grip surface, even with gloves or wet, dirty hands. The Fiskars Best kukri machete is very well balanced and offers an excellent and efficient swing in use.



  • lightweight
  • robust helper for camping and in the garden
  • attractively priced


  • no sheath, only protective cover for safe transport


4. Swiss device – Cold steel kukri machete

In addition to the many forms from Asia or Latin America, we would also like to introduce a “European machete type,” namely the Swiss device. This unique tool depends on the region and many other names such as Praxe, machetes, Knipp, Gertl.

The Swiss Gertel has been known since the Middle Ages and developed when farmers were prohibited from carrying any weapons or the felling of trees banned.




At that time, however, the farmers were allowed to use dead wood and broken branches. And that is what the Swiss Gertel is ideally suited for, to care for young growth, cut out low growth and work in the area, forest, or garden.

The Swiss device presented here has a blade length of 35 cm and a leather disc handle similar to the USMC-Marines knife from Kabar and is excellent in hand. At the end of the knife is a “catch hook” that prevents it from sliding out of your hand.

In our opinion, the Swiss Gertel is an ideal tool, and Best kukri for bushcraft and survivalists, and ideal for working with wood. In many cases, it replaces an ax and is such due to its diverse uses.

  • Depluming
  • Peel the bark
  • Drawing iron
  • Woodworking
  • Make firewood
  • Ax replacement

A tremendously helpful Cold steel kukri machete tool that can more than keep up with machetes, as you know and imagine.



  • lightweight (500 grams)
  • robust helper in the forest and garden
  • very cheap
  • recognized forest tool in USA


  • None


5. Cold Steel Jungle Carbon Steel 1055 Machetes – Best survival machete

The Cold Steel Jungle Machete has a remarkably robust 42 cm long blade made of 1055 carbon steel with weight distribution to the front. It enables this hair knife to cut through bushes, branches, tendrils, and even relatively thick wood.

The blade ends in a sharp tip with various survival and bushcraft features and makes it a good self-defense weapon.


best survival machetes


The handle and the blade are connected by a full tang, which makes this machete very stable. The plastic handle takes some getting used to, especially considering the forward-looking blade geometry, and the handle tends to slip when your hands are sweaty or wet.

But this can be remedied by attaching a lanyard pulled through the existing lanyard hole to secure the Cold Steel Jungle around the wrist. The belt loop nylon sheath that this machete comes with is not the best, but it certainly holds the blade for transport.

Since the Cold Steel Jungle Machete can cut through dense forest vegetation and is also suitable for self-protection, we would instead recommend this machete as a reliable Best survival machete tool for the forest.



  • Blade length
  • Material and weight configuration perfect for chopping
  • sharp blade tip
  • robust
  • Cheap


  • Slippery handle design
  • Do not divorce well


6. Outdoor Edge Brush Demon – Cold steel kukri machete

The Outdoor Edge Brush Demon Machete design by the famous blade manufacturer Jerry Hossom, famous for his designs of large knives.

The design of the Brush Demon is based on the classic sword shape, which was already popular with the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Iberians. This is because the uniquely shaped blade is heavily balanced towards the front, making it ideal for cutting and chopping.


best machetes


The Outdoor Edge Brush Demon is a high-performance chopping tool with an approx. 34 cm long blade made of carbon-rich 65 MN tool steel has a black, powder-coated surface to prevent corrosion. Also, the Brush Demon Machete has a very ergonomic handle design made of thermoplastic rubber for a safe and comfortable grip and a durable nylon sheath.

The machete comes razor sharp and has a quick tip and excellent penetration. The handle absorbs the effects of blows very well and has the shape of a traditional Kopis. Machetes are generally not based on your penetration skills, but it is good to know if you ever need to use this machete for self-defense.



  • Material and weight configuration perfect for chopping and cutting
  • sharp blade tip
  • Defensive situations
  • very sharp ex-works


  • The handle takes getting used to


7. Walther Mach TAC 1 – Kukri knife

The Tac 1 machete from Walther is very tactical. With a total length of 55 cm, a blade thickness of 5 mm, and a weight of 765 grams, the Walther Mach TAC 1 machete design for rough and heavy outdoor and garden work. The machete has an approx 40 cm long blade, which makes of 440 stainless steel.

With the solid, coated blade made of 440 steel, the Mach Tac1 is relatively insensitive and robust – that is what you expect from a machete with high utility value.


parrang machetes


The Walther Mach TAC 1 machete has a somewhat more normal recurve shape with an eye-catching tear hook on the back of the blade. This tear hook is suitable for cutting ropes and removing thin branches. How far this function is proper and needed, but everyone has to decide for himself.

In the front area of the blade back of the blade tip, a wrong cutting edge is attached, which is not sharp. Otherwise, the Walther machete comes from the factory with a sharp cut and is also easy to sharpen. The handle of this best kukri machete is made of polymer and TPR (thermoplastic rubber) and offers the hand a good grip even with wet and dirty hands. Unfortunately, there is no lanyard loop.

The long blade and material thickness are reflected in the machete weight, and the user has to grapple with it in practice. Timportanceght becomes noticeably noticeable during longer work and can lead to fatigue.

With a total weight, including a casing of almost 1 kilogram, 765 grams fall on the machete, the Walther Mach TAC 1 heavyweight. Something else is easy! The heavy hair knife supply in a nylon bag in which the machete can be inserted and secured with two pushbuttons.



  • Tactical appearance (if you like)
  • Very stable
  • Ideal for hooking
  • Attractively priced


  • Heavy


8. Condor Warlock – Best survival machete

You always get what you pay for; this sentence couldn’t be more accurate for the Condor Warlock Machete. Made from 1075 steel with high carbon content, this 5 mm thick machete with fuller is an example of excellent craftsmanship. Condor Warlock Machete has an impressive balance achieved by a center of gravity sitting in front. p.

Its perfect 42 cm long blade holds the sharpness excellently, which quickly finds your way through thorn bushes, branches, and everything else that stands in your way. This high-quality tool has a black epoxy powder-coated blade finish.


best kukri machetes


The beautiful micarta handle gives you a good grip even when wet, which is not the case with other machetes. This machete lies so well in your hand that you want to go straight into the forest and shred something after removing it from the packaging.

The Condor Warlock comes with a sturdy black leather sheath that reinforces the extraordinary appearance of this machete. You can quickly go out hiking, hunting, or camping with the case comfortably on your hip. The case has two snap locks, and you can soon put your warlock back in the case. The warlock may seem a little expensive to you, but it is so versatile that you cannot find it in other machetes. Every other machete has its uniqueness in its respective area, while this robust device is an all-rounder.



  • Aesthetic look
  • Epoxy powder coating
  • Comfortable handle
  • Long lifetime
  • useful machete


  • Little more expensive


9. Schrade KUKRI Survival Machete – Egkh kukri

The Schrade Large Kukri Machete is a fully-fledged machete in full-tang construction with a wide range of accessories such as a functional sheath, fire steel, and grindstone. The 33 cm long blade makes of black powder-coated 3Cr13 stainless steel.

The blade holds the cutting edge very well and is very easy to sharpen. The weight and shape of the Schrade Machete result in a nice balance for powerful cutting and chopping work.


machete guide


The blade comes from the factory with an excellent sharpness of use that quickly passes the paper test. Best kukri machetes offer an excellent grip and allow you to take up different grip positions and are comfortable to hold. There is an eyelet at the end of the handle for attaching a safety strap.

The polyester sheath has a removable shoulder strap, leg loops, and a belt loop. So there are many ways to wear the Schrade Kukri machete when exploring nature. The Schrade Egkh kukri survival machete package also includes a diamond sharpener and fire steel.

Which are housed in the multifunctional sheath and offer additional space for bushcraft/survival equipment. Additionally, there is no need to worry about the blade sliding out of the sheath as it is very well secured. Although the quality of the vagina is not first-class, the package is convincing overall, at a mediocre low price.



  • 3Cr13 steel blade
  • Including fire steel and sharpening stone
  • multifunctional sheath
  • excellent price/performance ratio


  • the sheath needs to be stiffer


Buyer’s Guide For Best Kukri Machetes 2021


What should you look at before buying Kukri Machete?

When choosing a modern machete, there are three main features you should consider when buying a machete:

  • Blade design
  • Machete blade length
  • Blade thickness

Each of these parameters affects the way the machete works.


buyer guide

Before you can choose a machete and get the best out of it, you must first have a clear goal of using it for this hair knife because no machete can work effectively in any situation.


Best Kukri Machetes blade design

When most people think of machetes, they imagine using them as a grinder. However, depending on the blade design, a machete can also use as a cutting and cutting tool like a knife. To sharp these best kukri machetes, you need sharpeners here. Therefore, when choosing the best kukri machetes, you first have to determine which application has priority so that you select the right blade design for your needs.

For example, some machetes have blades that focus on the front, such as the Cold Steel Panga Machete (based on the East African Panga design) and the Bolo Machete from Gerber (which base on the Filipino Bolo design). With this type of blade construction, the heaviest part of the blade is placed at the extreme tip of the blade to significantly increase the blade’s impact when cutting and chopping woody plants.

Finally, other blade designs, such as the Cold Steel Jungle Machete or the Cold Steel Kukri Machete, combine a curved blade. It is a highly positive cutting angle to create a knife with a Panga or a Bolo Machete with a combined blade section, which is ideal for carving.

Best Kukri Machetes blade length

In addition to the type of machete blade design you choose, you should also know that machetes are available in a wide range of blade lengths from approximately 30 cm (12 inches) to 60 cm (24 inches) or more.

Also, check out the best machetes of 202s. For example, machetes with short blades, specially designed to give the user a higher degree of control over the blade. But due to their short length, they have little momentum when swinging and therefore do not penetrate very de. Thus, in addition to the correct blade design for your purpose, you should also choose the best blade length for your applications.

Machetes with long blades are specifically designed to give a lot more momentum. When swinging and therefore penetrate much more profound than those with short edges but offer less control over the blade.

Best Kukri Machetes blade thickness

Finally, it should note that machetes can also classify according to the thickness of their blades. For example, the vast majority of machetes have relatively thin blades about 3 mm thick. It makes them relatively light and, therefore, easy for most users to control while at the same time providing enough momentum to cut through vegetation easily.

But the control these thin blades offer makes them prone to damage when used to cut hard, woody plants like vines, small tree branches, seedlings, or cutting.


(FAQs) For Best Kukri Machetes


Is a kukri a good survival knife?
A good knife is the most valuable piece of equipment for tourists and survival experts. Therefore, it is important to choose it with all responsibility, as if you are delegating your life to your best friend. The design of the best kukri machetes is based on a military knife for the survival of soldiers in extreme conditions.

What is the notch on a kukri for?
The notch of metal near the handle symbolizes the trident of the god Shiva, who in India is considered a symbol of power. This recess is called echo and may also have the shape of a cow’s footprint. In this case, it symbolizes the goddess Kali; the top of the hilt is called the eye of God.

What is the notch on a kukri for?
For survival, knives of two types of blades are used: smooth and sawtooth (serreitor). A knife with a serreitor cuts clothing and synthetic materials well, suitable for self-defense. But it isn’t easy to sharpen in extreme conditions. Therefore, a smooth cutting edge is more suitable for most survival situations, perfectly sharpened with an ordinary stone.

How much kukri machete blade Length?
The blade of the knife should be at least four but not more than 6.5 mm thick. A knife with a thinner blade can break, and a thicker knife cannot cope with detailed work. The tip of the knife should be very durable.

How much kukri machete blade Length?
Since the knife is the main tool in the struggle for survival, it turns into a universal device in skillful hands. This is not only a practical knife for self-defense from animals and aggressive people. A good knife can: Provide first aid Send a signal for help (mirror in NAZ); Navigate the terrain (compass on the sheath).




As you can see from the best kukri machetes presented above, there is a vast range of these modern hair knives on the market today. The product prices range from light to extra heavy machetes with various blade lengths and blade designs. Other machetes such as Camp 18 and Camp 14 from Kershaw, the MachTec 1 from Walther.

But also a Swiss machine (the European machete) with much thicker blades from 4 to 7 mm thick, specially designed for heavy chopping work development. This post will give you a few ideas to choose the best kukri machetes for your specific needs when selecting a product of machete. In this article, we have recommended the Best Kukri Knives of the top products along amazon. The above listed nine products are thousands of satisfied customers on Amazon.

You must take the time to think carefully about how you want to use your machete. Then, choose your model with the right blade design and the right blade length and thickness. It will hopefully meet your expectations and finish the task you intend for it with relative ease.