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Cutting Sugarcane is a tough job. The heavy blades of the machetes you use can get blunt and dull with overuse, forcing you to switch them out every few years. But did you know that there are several types of sugar cane machetes on the market today?

Depending on your needs, some blades will be more appropriate than others. To help make your decision easier, here are a few options for the best sugar cane machetes in 2023.

What is a Cane Machete?

A cane machete is a knife designed to cut Sugarcane, different from other machetes such as Filipino and Latin. Although the two types look very similar, they’re not interchangeable. So choosing the best cane cutters is very important.

Types of Cane Machete

There are three main types of cane machete:

The Cane Bolo

a long machete with a single edge that is thick and narrow, ideal for chopping down thick stalks of cane without causing too much stress on the blade;

The Cane Sword

a machete with a wide blade to provide more resistance when chopping. It makes it possible to cut deep into the sugarcane plant;

The Cane Gringo

a light machete with a thin blade to cut Sugarcane.

There are also other variations in the shape and length of the blade, the size of the handle, etc. Depending on what you plan to use your sugarcane machete for, choose one best suits your needs.

Cutting Sugar Cane with Machete

Sugar cane is one of the most important crops throughout many tropical and subtropical regions. Sugar cane farming requires many cutting implements – from standard pruners, sickles, and machetes to large-scale machinery. Over the past few years, there have been a significant number of advancements in sugar production technology…

But what about the machetes that cut the sugar cane? The machete is inserted with the edge of the blade facing down. A person would repeat this process for an extended period. The cane’s water content is reduced through this technique, with the person can continue to cut down more sugar cane.

Top 10 Best Machetes for Sugar Cane Cutting in 2023

To help you find the best machete for cutting Sugarcane, we’ve compiled this list of what we think are some of the best machetes for easy cutting sugar cane based on reviews and sales. Keep reading to see if any of our picks ring true to your needs.

Tramontina Sugar Cane MacheteTramontina 13" Sugar Cane Machete
Ergonomic Machete Brush AxeErgonomic Machete Brush Axe
Thai Jungle Cane MacheteThai Jungle Cane Machete
Tramontina 13Tramontina 13" Sugar Cane Machete
5ive Star Gear 215ive Star Gear 21" Cane/Bush Machete
Corona Clipper Company MA 61040 Cane Knife/MacheteCorona Clipper Company MA 61040 Cane Knife/Machete
Eagle Knife Heavy Duty Cane/Brush Cutter MacheteEagle Knife Heavy Duty Cane/Brush Cutter Machete
Flagline Seymour Manufacturing 2P-CN13Flagline Seymour Manufacturing 2P-CN13
Imacasa Sugar Cane MacheteImacasa Sugar Cane Machete
Knights of Armur Billhook MacheteKnights of Armur Billhook Machete

1. Tramontina 13″ Sugar Cane Machete with Long Handle

Tramontina 13" Sugar Cane Machete with Long HandleThis machete is from Brazil. It has a 13″ blade that is very sharp. It is good for cutting, chopping, and slashing things. The blade of this tool is made of high quality steel. It has a black finish that makes it resistant to humidity and moisture. The blade is shaped like this, and it has a curved tip. It means that you can easily cut the sugar cane off the standing ones.

On the other hand, the handle is composed of hardwood with a natural hue and is rather lengthy. It provides a pleasant grip while chopping or carving. There isn’t, however, a sheath available. It’s available separately. The blade is a little wider. As a result, it cuts as many stalks as possible. The machete has a longer lifespan than the ax because of its double edge design. You can easily split the plants from the standing ones using a hooked blade.

2. Solid Aim Tools, Heavy Duty Ergonomic Machete Brush Axe

Solid Aim Tools, Heavy Duty Ergonomic Machete Brush AxeIt is a well-balanced cane made of bamboo and brush machete with a steel handle. It has a 3-inch steel blade, 14 inches long. It comes with a nylon sheath. Great for clearing brush or limbs of tall weeds. The blade length on this machete is 3 inches, while the blade material is carbon steel which provides maximum strength and durability.

The handle has smooth steel, making it comfortable for hand grip. Measuring at 14 inches overall, it’s easy to maneuver in hand and sharp enough for various tasks. The blade is around 3 inches, and the handle is steel wrapped in a polymer coating which makes it comfortable to hold. It has a nylon sheath and measures 14 inches overall. The blade is carbon steel, making it sharp enough for various chores around camp or on the trail.

3. Thai Jungle Cane Machete, Indestructible Forged by Hand

Thai Jungle Cane Machete, Indestructible Forged by HandFirst of all, this is an excellent machete as far as the design and build go. I bought it to cut trails through thick brush and briars on my property. It was able to slice through all of them like butter. It is super sharp out of the box and has a good weight that makes it easy to swing without getting tired.

Another reason I like this machete is that it is longer than some others, which makes it easier to cut more at once instead of having to do it in two or three swipes, as with the shorter ones. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that there was no sheath included to protect you from the blade and keep it clean and dry when not using it. It’s a minor detail, but other than that, this machete is excellent, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for high quality, longer machete that is a full tang.

The blade appears to be much thicker than most machetes that I have seen in the store. The sheath seems well made, but there are no drainage holes, so it may cause rusting if you leave it wet.

4. Tramontina 13″ Sugar Cane Machete

Tramontina 13" Sugar Cane MacheteAnother fantastic choice for the finest cane machete. The Tramontina 13″ Sugar Cane Machete has high-quality construction. Its overall length is 19 inches, with a blade length of 13 inches.

The blade is composed of high carbon steel, ensuring long-lasting, resilient, and strong performance. Its stronger component makes it ideal for easy cutting and chopping. The machete handle is made of hardwood and has a natural color. It has a short handle for a comfortable handgrip, so you’ll need to push strongly while using it.

The blade’s tip is razor-sharp, allowing you to cut tiny bushes and sugar canes with ease. It’s short enough to tote around. The grip is not included. However, the sheath does not. It is available separately. However, the best cane machete is available for a low price with excellent features.

5. 5ive Star Gear 21″ Cane/Bush Machete with Wood Handle

5ive Star Gear 21" Cane/Bush MacheteThis Cane/Bush Machete is made in Colombia. It offers great effectiveness in sugar cane cutting, brush clearing, and chopping minor branches. The popularity of the hedge trimmer is due to its British high carbon steel blade providing maximum strength. It cuts down small trees and clears out tiny limber limbs.

It has a hook. The hook of this tool is excellent for pulling up and gathering cut branches from the earth. The wooden handle is constructed of non-slip wood. It’s sturdy enough for heavy duty tasks.

The five-star machete is both tough and pleasant to use. There’s no chance of losing grip, even if your hands are damp. Furthermore, the blade has a razor-sharp cutting edge that saves you time as well. It is beautiful and has a sleek design that makes it stand out. It’s light and portable for easy replacement of conventional tap handles or wall-mounted faucets with matching pullouts.

6. Corona Clipper Company MA 61040 Cane Knife/Machete

Corona Clipper Company MA 61040 Cane Knife/Machete

The Corona Clipper Company MA61040 cane knife or machete is designed to be efficient and require less effort. The machete’s blade is made of a type of steel that is strong and durable. You can easily sharpen the blade with a sharpener.

This machete has a blade that is longer than the handle. This makes the machete stronger. The hook on the end of the blade lets you grab sugarcane after you chop it. You can buy a sheath for your machete separately.

  • This machete’s blade extends past the handle made of wood, creating a full-tang that increases strength
  • It is ergonomically designed so that you can hold it for a long time.
  • Machetes are designed to be efficient and require less effort.
  • For maximum strength and endurance, the blade is made of tempered carbon steel
  • It is not easy to slip out of the wooden handle

  • A sheath is not required for the machete.
  • Sharpening is required before using

7. Eagle Knife Heavy Duty Cane/Brush Cutter Machete

Eagle Knife Heavy Duty Cane/Brush Cutter Machete

This tool is called a machete. It cuts things like cane and brush. The blade is thick, strong, and doesn’t bend or bounce. The blade goes all the way through, making it very durable.

The machete has a rope wrapped around the handle for a secure grip. A protective sheath and belt are included with the machete. The button snap allows for easy transport and safety. The Heavy-duty cane machete is strong enough to cut through tough materials. It is the right choice for your needs.

  • It has a full-tang blade running through the whole machete, ensuring that it is durable.
  • To provide a more comfortable grip, the machete’s handle is wrapped in rope.
  • Strong, thick blade resists twisting and bounce.
  • It comes with a belt and a protective sheath. A button snap is included for transportation and safe storage.

  • Before the machete can be used, it must first be sharpened

8. Flagline Seymour Manufacturing 2P-CN13

Flagline Seymour Manufacturing 2P-CN13

The Flagline cane machete will last for years. It is a good choice if you do not want to spend a lot of money. The cane machete or knife can be used for many years with regular maintenance. This sugarcane machete is sharp when you get it. You can cut the sugarcane with it. It is about 13 inches long and has a wide blade. The edge is strong and stays sharp over time. You can sharpen it multiple times, depending on its size.

The blade is about twice as long as the handle. The blade is the heaviest part of the machete, making it easier to cut sugarcane. And because the machete has a full tang, you can also pass it through its handle. This machete has triple-rivets to make sure it stays stable even if your hands get sweaty. The classic hook is an accessory that you can put on the blade of your cane. The hook is used to gather the cane after it has been cut. Blades are made of high-carbon steel and will not corrode if they are not used for a long time. The metal must be oiled if it is not being used for a long time.

  • Excellent edge retention
  • It is simple to use
  • Amazing size
  • Be balanced in the direction of the blade
  • Stability is triple-riveted

  • Based on some reports, knives may not be razor-sharp right out of the package.

9. Imacasa Sugar Cane Machete

Imacasa Sugar Cane Machete

This is a machete for cutting sugarcane, but some people also use it as a machete. It does the job and you don’t have to pay too much money. The blade does not corrode and rust, but it cannot be left outside for a long time. The blade has a wider end and a sharp edge. You can take this machete out of its box and use it right away because it is full tang (the blade goes through the handle).

The handle is not smooth but it doesn’t slip from your fingers. The handle is designed to hold well and the balance of the blade is in the middle of it. This machete doesn’t need much work. You can sharpen it like other knives. The 21-inch length is perfect for cutting sugarcane. The hook at the tip of the blade makes it easy to grab the cut cane with no effort.

  • Great value for your money
  • Use a sharp blade
  • It is easy to sharpen
  • Handle made of non-slip wood
  • Stability and balance

  • Sharpening is more frequent than with other knives within this price range

10. Knights of Armur Billhook Machete

Knights of Armur Billhook Machete

Knights of Amser’s cane knife is like a machete. It is smaller than most, but it can be used for many purposes like harvesting sugarcane. It can also be used for any other purposes you would use a machete, and it is lighter too. High carbon blades are very strong and will last for a long time. The blade is straight, but curves near the end. This machete is easy to sharpen and stays sharp for a long time. It doesn’t have the hook that is found on traditional cane knives.

The machete feels good in your hands. The handle is a little rough so that it won’t slip from your fingers. It is also contoured to fit your fingers for a firm grip. It will not slip even if you are sweaty. The machete is also heavy on the blade. Maintaining the machete’s condition is easy. The machete is resistant to rust and corrosion. To keep it in good condition, oil the blade at least once a month. If the blade gets dull, you can sharpen it with a sharpener or a stone.

  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle
  • It is simple to use
  • Multiple uses
  • Sharpness retention is excellent
  • Nonslip handle

  • A hook is not included in the blade.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do you need Sugar Cane Machete?

Cane Machetes have many benefits which can be used on different occasions. It is best to clear vines or vegetation grown on the ground, bushes, and trees around your home.

A cane machete can be used to cut small branches of about 2-inch diameter. Using this tool, you can save time because it will help you minimize the effort by transferring it to applying force that will cut vines instantly.

Are Cold Steel Machetes Good to use?

Cold Steel machetes are good to use for gardening, camping, and survival. It is made of a carbon steel blade that will allow you to cut through some smaller trees, which can even result in little effort.

This tool has some major disadvantages, like rusting when it’s not cleaned properly, so you need to maintain its sharpness by cleaning the blade when you are done using it. Furthermore, it can be easily broken when cut through bigger trees or when hitting rocks and other stuff like steel. It has a nice secure grip made of rubber and is easy to use even if your hands are sweaty.

Who Makes the Best Cane Machetes?

  • Tramontina
  • Eastern Cloud

What is the Best Metal for Cane Machete?

A high Carbon Steel blade is the best metal for cane machetes. It can never rust because of the iron in it.

Do I Need To Sharpen My Cane Machete?

Yes, it would help if you sharpened your cane machete once in a while because it will help you maintain its sharpness and extend its life span. However, better if you use an electric sharpener to avoid ruining the blade.

How to Use Cane Machete properly?

You need to hold it firmly and swing it sideways with force to cut through vines or vegetation around your home. Although this tool is heavy, you can use both two hands together when using it. It will help you to increase its power so that it can cut through vegetation easily.

What’s the Difference Between a cane Machete and a Cane Knife?

A cane knife is only intended to cut sugar cane, while machetes can be used for other purposes like gardening, camping, or survival. Generally, a machete is bigger than a cane knife, which will help you cut vines easily.

Does The Sheath Include with the Cane Machete?

The sheath is not included in the cane machete set because it will be shipped in a box, and you need to buy it separately. But some brands include cane machete sheaths in the package.

Can you take Cane Machete outside in Public?

You can walk around with this tool without any problem, but you are advised to keep the blade cover on when it’s not in use.


Sugar cane machetes are used for cutting them so that you can have a propper chopped cane. But cane machetes are the perfect tool if you’re looking for a tool that can cut through vines, vegetation, or small branches. The cane Machete is also great for camping and survival purposes because it’s durable enough to withstand some harsh conditions like cutting through smaller trees without too much effort.

Cold Steel Machetes may be good for gardening, but they will rust if not maintained properly, so make sure you clean your blade after use!