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Do many people often ask whether you can use a machete to cut grass or not? Along with many other questions are they even reliable methods? Can machetes cut grass? Is it a gardening tool? How to use a grass machete safely?

Be it a machete using easy-to-learn techniques or safety measures to take while using Machete. We will do our best to cover each point in this article.

Cut Grass With a Powerful Tool: Machete

Every plant lover wants their garden to be spotless, but each garden has its ups and downs, including weeds and vines. Although hedge shears will help keep weeds under control with cutting and trimming, you need a far more powerful all-purpose tool, ‘machete,’ to keep things spotless in your garden.

Machetes are ubiquitous tools considered a long old traditional tool for gardening. You can not only just cut weeds and brush with them but also carve your path in a tropical forest, slice fruits on the go, crack open a coconut, or as a weapon in dangerous situations as well.


How to use a Machete to cut grass

  1. First of all, gear up yourself with long boots, pants, and thick gardening gloves. Or any specific protective clothing you have.
  2. Set up your workstation near the clearing area.
  3. Before starting your weed mission, check your gadgets’ condition, in this case, the sharpness of a machete. Make sure it is sharp enough to slice through the stubborn weed stems.
  4. If it needs sharpening, use a sharpening stone to make your Machete unstoppable.
  5. Make sure you cut weeds or bushes right in front of you.
  6. Carefully grasp the Machete with all your fingers before swinging it onto the weeds.
  7. Strike the bushes with an angle on the stem to slice through them by taking big swings, leading with your elbow.
  8. Make sure while cutting bushes that the swing is NOT directed towards the direction of your legs.
  9. While using a machete, keep your other free hand out of the way to avoid any hazardous situations.
  10. Our advice is to start cutting from the outward of your perimeter and slash your way towards the inner portion. It will make your work less tricky.
  11. Avoid hitting the ground while getting rid of weeds. It will result in dulling the Machete and slowing down your pace.
  12. If you come across some long weeds and brushes, divide your machete swing into two halves and make the job easier and more effective.
  13. If you are a newbie at using Machete, we strongly advise you to watch some tutorial videos beforehand for your safety and others around you.

Although using a machete seems like a pretty decent idea for your gardening, there is no doubt that it is one of the essential tools to own. But it requires a lot of strength and willpower to carry out this job.

It is a tough job, so if you’re using this medium first, you will need a lot of patience and strength.


Precautions and Safety Measures

Following are a few tips and warnings to keep in mind while using a machete:

  1. Have a look around your surroundings before swinging your Machete to kill deadly weeds and vines that there are no children around or any pet.
  2. While working in the garden, look out for turtles and snakes.
  3. Look out for deadly poison ivy because they can grow in bushy backyards.

Follow these simple easy to learn steps and precautions while using a machete for guaranteed safety and productive outcomes.


An All-Purpose Tool Machete

As we mentioned above, the Machete is an all-purpose tool. You can use Machete for slicing and chopping humus as well. And fruits to eat on the go, if you like to do things rough.

Instead of just laying your compost ingredients around and covering them with leaves to get it ready, give it a few machete swings to speed up the process. Machete can also be used as a knife and ax. It solely depends on your need for cutting in the garden.


Other Uses of Machetes

1. Cut & Maintain Trails

There is a sudden rise in interest in hunting. So hunters and fishers show interest in owning a machete for chopping down brush and clearing paths for hunting purposes.

2. Chopping Compost

Speed up your compost process by chopping down ingredients with a few machete swings.

3. Clearing Brush

It is similar to cutting and creating trails with a machete.

4. Cultivating Purpose

Many different crops can quickly harvest with the help of a machete-like sugar cane, rice, barley, buckwheat, corn, oats, etc.

5. Wood Carving, Wood Incising, and Wood Coppicing

Machete can also be utilized for carving wood. Incising is the process of preparing wood for further procedures, and Machete is an excellent tool for that.

6. Clearing Unhealthy Vegetation

Pruning is a piece of cake with the help of machetes. It is the process of cutting away dead or overgrown branches of a tree or plant to ensure healthy growth and save neighboring plants from any damage.

7. Camping Tool

A machete is a must-have camping tool for adventurers and outdoor camping lovers because it can come in handy in countless ways. A machete is also a survival tool if you encounter angry and dangerous animals out in the wild.


How to store a machete safely? 

After using a machete, get it cleaned and oil it slightly. Then store it in packaging or a cover, ready for future swinging. You can either buy the machete packaging or create one yourself. Store it in your workplace or somewhere far away from children.

  • Buy machete packaging
  • Create machete packaging



There are ways to get rid of weeds, vines, and brushes from your garden. Cutting them straight is the most basic way. Many get this job done with motor gadgets than by using the force of vare hands, but others prefer using their strength to get the job done. Although using a machete to cut grass can be time-consuming and hard work, it is undoubtedly the most effective way among all other methods.

With a Machete being an all-purpose tool, you can use it for many other activities, as mentioned above in this article. Be it cutting grass or pruning with a machete. You will be able to complete all of your tasks with just one tool.

Since it is a sharp tool that makes it pretty dangerous, we advise you to suit up properly before using it and store it in a safe place away from kids. A machete sharpness is everything and making sure it stays that way. You can take measures like cleaning it after every use, oiling it a little bit, packaging it properly after each use, and sharpening it when necessary.