How To Use A Machete? – Easy Tips For Using A Machete Safely In 2020 [Infographic]

You might be wondering how to use a machete safely? Our guide will tell some important tips for using a machete and how to hold it properly. However, there are numerous types of machetes, and all have different purposes to be used for. Further, some of the machetes are sharper than others.

Indeed, a machete is a useful tool, and it has several uses. Besides that, the machetes have different blade sizes, and you need to buy them according to your need. Each machete comes with different shapes, features, and qualities. Thus, the machetes are only useful if you bought them as per your requirement.

In our guide, you will know how to use high-quality and popular combat machetes. Correspondingly, you will know how to use a machete in the right way and how to swing it. After reading the complete guide, you’ll know how to keep a machete safely and what should be the angle of contact.

Infographic For How To Use a Machete

How to use a machete

Without any further ado, lets’ get to know the tips on how to use a machete?

How To Use A Machete Safely?

Whether you are a professional or beginner machete user, it is a must for all the machete users to follow some safety machete techniques by holding and swinging it correctly. Below we will tell some basic uses for a machete.


Area Of Using A Machete

On the area that you will be using a machete should be very clear. Also, you need to know the swinging range of a machete. Large machetes require more space to work, and you need to be more careful while using them.

Other than that, always check that no one is standing beside or behind you while you will swing a machete. Do not work carelessly with a machete to avoid injuries. Always check nobody is close to you or your working area while using a machete. None of the pets should be in the garden while you are using a machete.

How To Properly Hold A Machete?

Now we’ll tell how to hold a machete properly. You should know how to hold this sharp knife before using it. The grip of the hand should not be too loose or too rigid. Moreover, you need to hold a machete flexibly and swing it in the right direction.

On the other hand, if you hold a machete wrongly, it can be a huge mess. Besides that, you need to read the three steps below to know more about holding a machete.

  • When you hold a machete, curl the thumb and other fingers in the tool’s opposite direction. Also, you need to hold the machete tightly.
  • Other fingers, while holding a machete, should not be too loose or too tight.
  • Lastly, the handle of a machete should be flexibly placed in your palm. Let the machete wiggle a little bit. Many beginner machete users do not hold the machete properly and tighten the grip, which results in injuries. It would also help if you did not hold a shorter machete with a similar grip as you will be holding a larger one.

How To Swing A Machete?

Now we will tell how to swing a machete in the right direction. For instance, you need to know how to swing a machete while cutting a brush, board, thicker, or softer items. In addition, you need to make the right angle for swinging a machete in the right direction.

On the other side, you have to require the whole strength while swinging a machete. Several beginner machete users do not put in all the effort and strength of shoulders while swinging a machete. Below are some basic tips that you need to know for swinging a machete properly.

Firstly, while swinging a machete, you need to raise the arm. Also, the arm direction while swinging the machete should be in the downward direction. Likewise, the machete will have its weight, and gravity will pull it downwards. Therefore, you need to raise it before swinging any machete.

Secondly, you need to swing a machete towards your shoulders and make momentum. It is crucial to generate momentum from the arm to use a machete in the right direction. Do not forget to swing the machete while making your elbow lead. Thirdly, you need to skim the wrist slightly while cutting any item with a machete. The wooden items require more pressure downwards while the softer items require force in upwards direction.

Machete’s Angle Of Contact

A machetes’ angle of contact should be right to use a machete correctly. You must use a machete with the right swing and grip to avoid the cuts. Using a machete safely and correctly will increase its efficiency, and you will have desired results. Besides that, if you feel the angle of using a machete is wrong, there might be injuries.

Tips On Carrying A Machete

It is very significant to know how to keep a machete. Never keep a machete open when you don’t need to use it. Cover the machete in its bag. Also, you need to carry the sheath of a machete with it while going anywhere. It is important to carry a machete with its sheath for your safety purposes.

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Tips On How To Safely Carry Machete?


To carry a machete safely, you must know the common tips that we’ll state below.

  • Always wear gloves while using a machete to avoid cuts.
  • You need to pinch grip a machete to hold it.
  • The handgrip shouldn’t be too flexible while using it.
  • Carry the lanyard.
  • Don’t use a machete with wet hands.
  • Never swing the machete towards your body.
  • Do not use a machete when you don’t have much energy.
  • Never panic while using a machete.

Things To Avoid While Using Any Machete

Here we’ll tell some things that you need to avoid while using any machete:

  • You should never use a machete in a perpendicular direction. It is necessary to make an angle of 45 degrees while using a machete.
  • Furthermore, you need to stroke with a machete from the hand in an upwards direction. Other than that, you need to cut all delicate items with a machete in an upwards direction. Most importantly, while using a machete for cutting the thicker woods, you need to use it in the downwards direction.
  • On the other side, you need to cut the branches of trees in V-shape with a machete. Using a machete in a V-shape will help you to cut the trunks of trees easily.

Crucial Things To Remember While Using A Machete

A machete is a versatile tool that you can use for various purposes. In fact, you can use a machete for cleaning or cutting. Besides that, a machete can be used for defense purposes. Other than that, most of the people buy a machete tool for camping. Apart from the purpose of using a machete, you need to know some how to sharpen your machete and other vital things while using this sharp tool.

  • Before using a machete, you need a lot of energy. In some cases, the machetes require more power than a knife to be used properly.
  • It would be best if you were careful using it and know the right direction of swinging a machete. In addition, a machete can cut your body if you swing it towards yourself. Avoid swinging a machete in your own direction to prevent injuries.
  • A machete can be slipped from hand if you have wet hands. Therefore, you need to have dry hands for using a machete in the right direction.
  • Other than that, it would help if you swung a machete in the outside direction.
  • Before using a machete, you must need to clear out the area. There shouldn’t be any pet or other person around you because a machete can slip from hand and injure others.
  • Moreover, if you are using a machete outside of the home, then use it at a certain distance from others. Especially while cleaning the bushes or cutting trees, ask others to stand far away.
  • Lastly, you need to chop something with a machete by staying at a certain place.


Our easy guide is ideal for beginner machete users. Moreover, you will know how to keep a machete safely while traveling. Besides, the professional users must know all the above tips that we have mentioned in our guide.

After reading the guide on how to use a machete, you can avoid all the mistakes. In fact, you will be using a machete securely. All the rules and tips in our guide will help you to use any kind of machete without any difficulty. Hopefully, our guide we help you to use a machete in different situations. Thank you for visiting us!

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