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Many machete enthusiasts are scared of using machetes because they don’t know how to use a machete safely. That is why this post will provide you with the ultimate guide on how to handle machete safely. It will cover all aspects such as precautions, usage, carrying a machete, keeping a machete, and the best way to grip a machete.

So if you want to learn about your favorite tool of choice – a machete, then read on!

How to grip a machete?

The machete can be gripped in two ways:

  • The first is a traditional grip.
  • The second is an overhand grip.

The conventional way is to hold the machete with your thumb on top of it, as shown below:

Traditional Grip (Overview)

This type of grip enables you to execute powerful swings.

Overhand Grip (Overview)

Machete experts often prefer this grip as it gives you the ability to control the machete better and execute smaller, more precise cuts. It will depend on your usage of a machete which we will cover later in this post.


How to swing a machete?

So you have your machete, and now it’s time to learn how to use it! There are two ways of swinging a machete:

  • The first is a horizontal slash.
  • The second is an upward diagonal swing.

Horizontal Slash (Overview)

This type of swing will be done by holding machetes in both hands with one hand on top of the other, as shown below:

Upward Diagonal Swing (Overview)

As its name suggests, this stroke can also be executed in downward diagonal form with machetes held like so:

There is no need for any other motion from arms or shoulders with these strokes while executing them. All that needs to happen is to release all tension from the stomach.


How to carry a machete?

Depending on your machete usage, there are two ways to carry it.

  • If you want a machete for personal use and only plan to do small tasks, the best way would be to keep a machete in the belt or pocket of pants.
  • But if you need a machete for work purposes like clearing land or cutting trees, keeping a machete around your waist is preferred as this will allow both hands-free while working.
  • It’s also important not to tie machete too tightly because it can cause injuries like nerve damage and bleeding, which won’t feel good!


How to keep a machete in sheath?

Now that you have a machete in place, it’s time to learn how to keep machete safe and away from dirt. There are three ways of keeping machete in the sheath:

  • The first way is to wrap blades with a cloth or even a towel.
  • The second would be using belt loops on pants to secure the machete to move around while walking/running.
  • Third but not least is wrapping machete tightly inside its cover, which will generally come with machete purchase. When doing this type, make sure there is enough loose material dangling off the machetes’ edge not to cut yourself when drawing out the blade again!


Sharpening machete makes it better.

A machete is a fantastic tool for various tasks such as clearing land, cutting trees, and even hunting. As with any other type of equipment, it will eventually need to have its blades sharpened to be in working condition again!

– There are two ways you can sharpen a machete, the first being with a machete sharpener and the second being by hand.

– The first one will use coarse sandpaper to sharpen machete blades, while the latter relies on stones of various coarseness ranging from rough grit, medium grit, or fine powdery stone wetted (with water).

It’s important to note that the machete sharpener should have coarse sandpaper that is heavy-duty enough not to break machete blades. For stones, try to use a medium grit stone with water before finishing on a wonderful powdery stone!


Conclusion About Machete Precautions

We hope that this post helped inform you about machete precautions and how to use machetes. We hope to be of service.

A machete is a powerful tool, but it can only do so if it safely knows how to use it. To prevent accidents, machete precautions should always be followed, such as not swinging a machete at something hard, carrying a machete around the waist or with belt loops on clothes, and keeping the blade sharpened! We also included some information about swing machetes depending on usage, which we will cover later. Stay tuned!