Types of Machetes 2021 – Top Product Reviews & Buying Guide

Updated: July 19, 2021

A camper knife is a multipurpose tool, so In this article, we will discuss all eight different Types of machetes in 2021. Therefore, it will be difficult to list the number of uses it has and can put it.

A machete is a large knife but shorter than a sword. It commonly measures less than 60 cm and has a single edge. This utensil should be suitable for eating, cutting bread, serving in the kitchen, carving wood, repairing a strap, cutting a rope, opening a can of preserves, etc.


types of machetes

Generally, the edge is very sharp in the third of the blade closest to the tip. The tip of the machete protrudes slightly above the rest of the blade. The front of the machete is curved.

Another type of machete whose front point and the final third of the blade are sharpened on both edges. The machete turns out to be an essential instrument for those hikers and adventurers whose desire is to break new ground as expeditionists. It primarily uses to cut brush and mow the grass.

It uses to mow grass, cut sugar cane, prune plants. Also, to make your way in the jungle. The machete is very sharp and has its tip slightly upturned. We also have machetes with curved blades. And others with a curious leaf decorated with a series of openings.

It turns out to be very useful for gardeners, gardens, and those who want to make their way in the jungle or areas with undergrowth and long grasses.


Recommended Best Types Of Machetes Mid – Range

Without good steel, no machete is worth it. Each of the tools that we list in the Types of machetes chart below can be given different names depending on the area and the usual work that did with them. There are even minor variations in their shapes to adapt each province to the type of vegetation.

They are used to clear, mow, cut small logs accurately, clean brambles or palm trees, or eliminate weeds in general.


Columbia Green Skulls Snap-On

types of machetes

  • Art and a powerful cutting tool
  • Unusual blade
  • Beautiful handle

Ceremonial Best Kukri Knife

types of machetes

  • Design
  • Hunting tools
  • Shave and curve Design

Parang Best Quality Machete

types of machetes

  • Curved handle Design
  • Thickness
  • Well Balanced



They can be used for work at ht and can come with protectives and sharpening stones. To master them requires a little practice: the gesture must be clean to avoid damaging the plants. This type of Machetes requires more force in the blow. However, its price is very affordable and best of all.

On the other hand, you have held with the tip of your fingers as soon as it touches the ground. It allows you to cut flush with the ground without bending over, a handy thing when you have to make your way in a cane field with the backpack on his shoulder.


List Of 8 Types Of Machetes

Columbia Green Skulls Snap-On knife⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ceremonial Kukri Knife & Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Condor Bushcraft Parang Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Condor Village Best Parang machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
SP-8 Survival Ontario Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Gerber Gator Machete Jr 31- Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tramontina 8 “stainless steel meat knife⭐⭐⭐⭐
Terrain mower – Best jungle machete⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Columbia River knives

The American company Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) was founded in 1994 by two former employees of the well-known knife company Kershaw – Rod Bremer.

He served as president of the company and director of sales, and Paul Gillespie (he took the financial director position).

Columbia Green Skulls Snap-On – Columbia River knives


There are knives you can’t tell much about, and there are knives that bring almost more stories and stories with you than you can put on paper. The story of the blade revolves around CQB, PTS, RMJ, FBW, and a leading actor called the Death Bolt.

The blade, steel, and handle of the pocket knife appear in secondary roles. Everything together is called Columbia River knives. The “Green skull” is a tactical folder by Columbia Green Skulls.


types of machetes


The Columbia Green Skulls knife has a 440 stainless steel black blade and a handle with suggestive green Seri graphed skulls on the metal. Columbia River knife’s upper part of the blade, near the handle, has a slot to position the index for a more stable grip; on the back entirely in black metal, a clip is attached to the belt.

Opening under pressure carry out using a push-button; there is also a side sliding safety button that prevents the accidental opening of the blade due to the excellent Columbia River knives quality and the original “horror” silkscreen design. This Columbia River knife is a valuable piece for your collection but also a very sharp instrument.


  • Art and a powerful cutting tool
  • Unusual blade design
  • Beautiful handle design


  • Little grip


2. Kukri Knife

The kukri knife is a descendant of the Greek Kopis, which is brought to the East by Alexander the Great and adopted by the ethnic groups of Nepal. It is perhaps the most renowned and feared knife in the world.

Ceremonial Kukri Knife The Best kukri knife design 2021


The kukri knife is the most famous weapon in Nepal. To the shortage of 5 years, the boys have their own Kukri knife and are capable of handling it. It is also part of the regiment’s arsenal and the coat of arms of Gurkha fighters. It has a slight curve of about 20, although some have a very steep angle. Kukri knife design is about 3 to 10 millimeters thick; its length is about 30 cm. It is almost always single-sided sharp.


types of machetes


Ceremonial Kukri Knife usually has a thick back of about 5 millimeters, and in many ways, is a hybrid between a knife and an ax. The inside of the blade, near the handle, traditionally has a crescent-shaped notch called Cho, kauri, or Kaura.

The Ceremonial Kukri Knife is one of the exclusive characteristics of the kukri. He often assigns various meanings, including Shiva’s trident (the Hindu god of war and destruction).

The kukri was the weapon used by the Gurkha in the Anglo-Nepa and as in the First and Second World Wars. Nepalese manipulate them from the age of five. The kukri knives do not have a system; I specify dimensions. Usually, they have between 28 and 30 cm. excepting to the ceremonial kukri knives, denominated “konra.”

These Ceremonial Kukri Knife must have excellent dimensions and a sharpened cut so buffalo’s head separate rates of a clean cut at the moment of the sacrifice.


  • Design
  • Hunting tools
  • Shave and curve


  • Balance


3. Condor Machete

Condor knives are made in El Salvador. They stand out for their quality price, made of materials that ensure excellent edge retention and durability, such as 1075, 1095 carbon steel, or 420 HC stainless steel. Its leather covers are made by hand and have handled such as walnut, Micarta, and others.

Within the Condor Machete line, we can also find axes forged with an American Hickory handle. This makes this tool an ax that, with its proper care, ensures a practically eternal long duration. Condor Machete traces its proud history back to 1787 when the GEBR WEYESBERG COMPANY was founded in Solingen, Germany.

Condor Bushcraft Parang The Best Condor Machete


Machete Condor Bushcraft Parang, as the name implies, is designed for bushcraft. This powerful and robust tool will help clear the way in impassable thickets and prepare firewood for the fire, pegs for the tent. The blade is 330 mm long and 4.5 mm thick, expands towards the end, and has a chopped tip, as it were.

Condor Bushcraft Parang form is characteristic of the Malay Parang, which has excellent chopping qualities. The tool has a sharpening factory sharpening.


types of machetes


The material used is American 1075 carbon steel. High wear resistance and hardness give the blade good cutting. In addition, dross on the surface of the blade protects it from corrosion.

Cast handle made of polypropylene and mounted on a whole shank. Polypropylene can withstand shock loads, which is essential for a cutting tool. The emphasis on both sides, as it were, limits the palm, not allowing the machete to drop from the hand.

The Condor Bushcraft Parang Machete equips with a nylon sheath with a loop for hanging on a belt. Condor Machete company’s assortment includes knives, machetes, hatchets, and other tools designed for outdoor activities, camping, survival.

Condor Bushcraft Parang company’s products distinguish by high ergonomics, excellent quality, and a simple but very functional design.



  • Design
  • 5160 carbon steel blade
  • Well Balanced


  • Weight is lit bit heavy


4. Condor Village Parang

In 2004, the Condor Tool & Knife brand was registered, which today is known worldwide for its high-quality products. The company’s products do not distinguish by the sophistication of design; they are designed for many years of intensive use in the most challenging conditions. It uses 1075 high carbon steel and is supplied with a leather belt sheath with a swivel to allow easy access.

Condor Village Parang Best Parang machete


The Village Parang is a powerful undergrowth-chopping tool with a beautiful balance and the “Condor Classic” hammered finish blade steel.

For these qualities, the company’s products are appreciated by users. For example, the prototype for the Condor Village Parang was Parang – a traditional Malaysian knife used for chopping and cutting grass.

Condor Village Parang is an excellent tool that, in the field, will help to build a trail in a dense shrub. It will also be helpful for agricultural work.


types of machetes


The Parang machete blade is 437 mm long and 5.9 mm thick expands towards the end like a Parang. Moreover, in contrast to the traditional Parang, the butt’s line is smoothly rounded to the tip.

For the manufacture of the blade used carbon steel 1075 American production. It has high wear resistance and impact strength. The surface of the blade has a black protective coating. The curved handle, expanding towards the end, is convenient for holding this massive tool with either one or two hands.

The handle is made of walnut and mounted on the shank with brass rivets. Parang machete wide end of the grip ensures that the Condor Parang is held firmly during heavy work. In the end, there is a hole for attaching a safety cord. A durable leather holder with a wide loop provides safety and wearing comfort.



  • Curved handle Design
  • Thickness
  • Well Balanced


  • Hard to balance


5. Ontario Knife Machete

The well-known company Ontario Knife Company was founded in 1889 in Naples, New York. The Ontario Company, short for the Ontario Knife Company, has become famous for producing inexpensive knives for the army. Most of them are officially armed with the US Army, Navy, and Marine Corps.

SP-8 Survival Machete – Ontario Knife Machete


The Ontario Knife Machete folding knives, explicitly designed for the Special Forces and militaYoustore. You will find the entire range of knives and machetes in the Amazon store of Ontario, including the famous folding. All blades are made of solid and hard steel, have the sharpest blade with laser sharpening, and have repeatedly been testing in harsh fields. What can I say, Made in the USA?

If you dream of the Amazon jungle at night where you were urgently thrown by parachute, pay attention to the model “SP-8 SURVIVAL MACHETE” (Es Pi 8 Survival Machete) of Ontario Knife Machete.


types of machetes


It is a universal tool design to perform a wide range of tasks. For example, and cutting edge provides a confident and well-controlled cut and cutting of bushes and branches.

A flat, non-pointed tip can use as a crowbar, chisel, or sapper blade. On the butt is a saw with which you can saw wood and iron—the blade of the knife made of steel with high carbon content, which has a certain elasticity. Sheaths use for transportation, which provides the possibility of suspension on a belt or unloading vest.

Ontario Knife Machete is the geometry of the knife that provides the confident application of strong choppers a result, you blow. So you will not have problems with felling bushes and young trees. A convenient cover made of synthetic fabric use for storage and transportation.



  • Excellent at chopping and splitting wood.
  • cover made of synthetic fabric
  • Well Balanced


  • None


6. Gerber Machete

Gerber is one of the few examples of a world-famous company not created by an expert or even an amateur in this field.

The history of the Gerber brand, repeated many times in different interpretations, represents the company’s birth as another manifestation of His Majesty the Case. The owner of the advertising office Joseph Gerber accidentally entered the workshop of the Shornikov.

How skillfully the master cuts thick skin with an unprepossessing tool and decided to make the same sharp knives but much more beautiful.

Gerber Gator Machete Jr 31- 000758 – Gerber Machete Knife Combo


The quality of products from Gerber from the USA has always been at its best, and the presented model was no exception. The only difference between the younger brothers (Gerber Gator Machete JR) is the size of the blade and saw.

This fact will affect the choice of this blade for ultra-extreme conditions, such as in the well-known series of programs with Bear Grylls “Survive at any cost.”


types of machetes


This model was at the casting in this program and received a lot of positive reviews. The Gerber Gator Machete Jr equips with a single-sided blade with the straight sharpening of the cutting edge and a saw locates on the blade butt.

The ergonomic handle of the Gerber machete knife combo model is made of stainless steel with rubberized corrugated overlays that allow you to hold the knife in your hand securely. According to the established tradition, the blade is made of high carbon steel and coated with a carbon layer. The total length of the machete is 653 mm, and the size of the blade itself is 457 mm. is 

There is a place for a lanyard on the handle, and a durable nylon cover for the blade, equipped with Velcro at the place of contact with the handle, is included in the kit.


  • the blade is made of high alloy steel with a carbon coating;
  • comfortable, ergonomic handle with pleasant to the touch overlays;
  • Weight – 510.3 grams.


  • Costly


7. Tramontina knife

It is a Brazilian corporation with a century of history. It is a world leader in the production of goods for the kitchen, home, garden. It is a brand represented in 120 countries. It is ten factories and 18,000 types of products.

Tramontina 8 “stainless steel meat knife – Tramontina knife


On an excellent roast fan, there is no lack of a quality knife that provides perfect cuts. The Tramontina knife 8-inch steak knife with a stainless steel blade and brown Plywood handle with leather sheath offer functionality and beautiful design.

Produced with a highly durable stainless steel blade with an impact-resistant, high-temperature resistant Plywood treated wood handle and differentiated details, as well as coming with a leather sheath that allows safe storage of the piece.


types of machetes


Become is a Tramontina knife always great master roaster with the Churrasco line from Tramontina. Be careful when handling sharp and piercing products and keep them out of the reach of children. Respect also won at knifepoint. But, calm down, we are talking about the line of special carving knives and forks for roasting. Tramontina has a model for each preparation stage: from cleaning the cuts to serving the roasted meat. All with the perfect cut that your roast deserves.

For more extended product durability, it recommends dry it well before storing it, even when washing in the dishwasher. And this is one of the best in our types of machetes list. For the disposal of products and packaging, follow the current recycling guidelines.


  • Excellent at the excellent master roaster.
  • Best for kitchens use
  • Well Balanced


  • None


8. Cold steel jungle machete

The machete is the most extensive hunting tool and can be used as a crucial tool in many different survival, hunting, and outdoor situations. The need for a long-bladed knife to help cut vegetation in survival situations has been an essential tool for thousands of years.

Terrain mower – Cold steel jungle machete


This Cold Steel all-terrain mower is a 21.5³ blade capable of clearing thick vegetation is the last for Types of machetes. At 30.5³ overall, this cutlass is made from 1055 high carbon steel with a rust-resistant black finish.

Cold steel jungle machete is polypropylene that e handle that provides greater cutting comfort, and this clears a wide variety of vegetation with a single movement.


types of machetes


Cold steel jungle machete blade is heavier than most other compact machetes as it is ¼” thick, but this creates a strong machete capable of cutting dense vegetation. This machete comes with a black cor-ex sleeve and lanyard hole for added carrying comfort. It advertises with use in all branches of the armed forces.

The handle is designed for comfort and is made of cold steel. As a bonus, it also comes with a heavy-duty Cold steel jungle machete case. The wedge-shaped tip and the sawtooth-shaped back assemble this lightweight cutlass very in addition. It comes with a nylon sheath and a Terrain mower handle for comfort and accessibility.


  • High-quality Steel
  • Lightweight
  • Use arm forces


  • Costly


Buyer Guide: Types Of Machetes And Selection Criteria

The machete is a large, thick, long-bladed (+ 50 cm), short-handled knife that uses with one hand. It is used on the fly and serves to cut plants and make its way through dense vegetation. In the garden, the machete allows branches of trees and cutting of roses and clear. Machetes classify into different types of machetes:

  • Bolo Machete: it is useful, light, and long (about 70 cm and 300 g);
  • Machete Parang: it is heavy (1 kg) and allows both cutting down a bush and mowing it;
  • Kukri machete: it is shorter and of medium weight, which makes it useful ;
  • Large Machete: It is heavier but also longer than the normal machete.
  • The handle, the blade, and the weight as selection criteria


The handle

As we have already mentioned, in the types of machetes list that the handle is always very short. There are only differences in terms of materials and shapes. It is available in non-slip plastic (or bi-material) or riveted wood. The shape is straight or curved and provides better ergonomics.


The sheet

It can be of several forms: long and fine, wide and angular. Some have a double edge, sometimes with saw teeth or a hook. Its use determines the choice of the blade. Its hardness determines by the amount of carbon included in the forge. It is stainless and tempered steel.



The weight of the machete is related to the type and must be compatible with use. For example, for brush cutting, it is preferable to choose a lightweight model. However, to cut a tree, you would have to choose a heavier model.


Blade thickness

The thickness of the machete blade can determine its durability and the type of vegetation or wood that can be successfully cut. Most blades are around thick. It provides a fragile blade that is easy to maneuver and is ideal for cutting through bushes and jungle-like vegetation. However, because the blade you risk damaging your blade s thin, you try to cut something too thick. Some machetes are closer to the thickness of ¼”. These leaves will be much more robust and will cut woody vines and tree branches more easily. However, the thicker blade means a heavier cutlass that is more difficult to handle.


Blade material

Another thing to consider is the blades’ material. Most of the blades are made of stainless steel or carbon steel. Carbon steel is most commonly found in machete blades and is an alloy of carbon and iron. The addition of carbon helps make the iron stronger, and the blade will stay sharper for a more extended period. However, because carbon steel is so strong, it is more difficult to sharpen it again.

Carbon steel is cheaper than stainless steel, but it can also rust and be lubricated regularly to prevent moisture from rusting the sheet. Because carbon steel is less expensive and durable, it is most often found in survival and agricultural blades. But if you want affordable types of the machete, you can check out the above list. Stainless steel is carbon steel with nickel and chrome. These other metals create a protective barrier and prevent the steel from rusting.

Stainless steel generally requires less maintenance as it is naturally resistant to corrosion. It is also a softer metal, which means it does not hold its edge and needs to sharpen more frequently; however, it is easier to sharpen than carbon steel. Stainless steel is more expensive than carbon steel and is usually found in more decorative blades.

To combine the best characteristics of carbon steel and stainless steel, high carbon stainless steel has been developed. However, to sharp these machetes, you need the best sharpener.


Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)


Are machetes good weapons?
As long as it is a problem of conduct of those individuals who decide to cross the line that separates honest men from criminals. Whoever wants to commit a crime will give perverse use to any object within their reach to undertake criminal action. A perfect example of a tool for everyday use, which becomes a weapon with lethal capacity, is the machete.

What is a bolo machete?
Bolo Machete is useful, light, and long (about 70 cm and 300 g).

What machetes good are for self-use?
No, it is harmful to self-caring or self-use.

What is the function of Kukri?
The kukri machetes are use for self-defense.

What is a curved machete called?
The curved machetes are used for the grass cutting in the jungle.



We have mentioned above the eight types of machetes from amazon having higher numbers of positive ratings. Blades made of this material have the benefits of a strong metal that holds its edge longer, combined with the corrosion resistance benefits of stainless steel. Blades made of high carbon stainless steel are more expensive, but they are an excellent option for survival. A machete is a long blade that is ideal for survival situations. In the above list, all types of machetes are beneficial.

It is no wonder that so many different cultures in entirely different regions worldwide have developed some version of a “machete” to help better their people cut vegetation and better cultivate the area in which they lived. These blades have served their purpose for thousands of years and are excellent blades for today’s survivors.

Be very careful when jumping over without seeing our types of machetes or obstacles, passing fences, or crossing log bridges. A fall with types of machetes in hand can have the most severe consequences; the most indicated would be to place it in the sheath or throw it forward, where it is going to jump or where it can fall.

I hope you would like the article regarding types of machetes; let’s leave your quality feedback for more best machetes. Check out our site. Thanks for reading.