Best Machetes 2021 – Top 14 Picks, Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Updated: July 15, 2021

Here we have brought the best Machete for you, which has long durability, is reliable and comfortable available in a wide price range. Moreover, Machetes are not only made for cutting, but they are also made for regular use such as chopping, removing small branches and plants, and clearing bushes.

Nowadays, machetes are quite trendy and light-weighted, which is perfect for creating a lot of power when you strike.


Furthermore, you need to know some factors before buying the best Machete. The design must be crafted from high-quality materials and also have an epoxy black powder coating blade finish.

By using normal machetes, you will never have a relaxation, and somehow you can not use this for your self-defense, such as protecting yourself from the enemies.

Our Top 3 Picks For Best Machete 2021

Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete

  • High Carbon Steel Blade
  • Easy to Sharp
  • More Strength

KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri Machete

  • 1085 Carbon and a Black Kraton
  • 100% Synthetic style
  • Ideal for Chopping



Woodman’s Pal 2.0 Machete

  • Perfect for Survival
  • The blade is very Swift and Sharp
  • It allows the Multiple grips


List Of 14 Best Machete 2021

In the list below of the 14 best machetes, you can pick the top one that can full fill your criteria or some specific requirements.

Top MachetesRatingsPrice
Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Condor Tool & Knife, Golok Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
CRKT Halfachance Fixed Blade Parang Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Kershaw Camp 18 Review⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Ontario Knife Co 1-18 Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Condor Tool & Knife, Parang Machete Review⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Cold Steel 97KMS Review⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Outdoor Edge Brush Demon Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Condor Tool & Knife - Engineer Bolo Machete⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Ontario Knife Company 8680 SP8⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Gil Hibben IV Combat Machete Review⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Condor Tool & Knife Duku Machete Review⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Woodman's Pal 2.0 - Multi-Use Axe Machete Review⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price

1: Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete – High Carbon Steel Blade

best machete


This Gerber bears parang machete is one of the top picks because its high carbon steel blade enhances more strength, corrosion resistance and is also easy to sharpen. Its heavy blade makes quick work of branches and creepers. Somehow it is the most necessary tool for the jungle. This Parang machete also features an angled edge, ideal for clearing brush or limbs.

Full tang construction boosts the stability of this Machete. Ergonomic textured rubber grip maximizes support and reduces slippage. The lanyard cord acts as a protector, improving hold protection.

The Parang features a military class nylon sheath that is lightweight and mildew resistant. The Machete includes land-to-air rescue guidance, SOS, and Advantages of Survival – a pocket guide containing Bear’s survival essentials.

Parang machetes generally have a unique rounded shape in which both the needle and the edge of the blade are curved, remarkably like a scimitar. They tend to belong, and both lightly weighted or moderately weighted, and usually have a thick blade.


  • Ideal for clearing Brush or Limbs
  • Thick Enough to Chop down a Tree
  • It is ergonomic and lightweight


  • It will not remain for the long time


2: KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri – Ideal for chopping weeds

kukri machete


This kukri machete is also our second top pick. This Machete features 11 1/2 inches. Blade manufactured from 1085 Carbon and a black Kraton- G. Machete has an overall length of 18 inches includes a lanyard slot and a leather/Cordura sheath. Black kukri is a 100% Synthetic style machete with a carbon-steel blade Ideal for chopping weeds, clearing a campsite, striking the coconut, and many more functions it helps.

The handle of this Kukri Ka-Bar machete is made of Kraton G thermoplastic elastomer and as always carries a lanyard hole. The balance is surprisingly high, and it will give you a very nice and comfortable feel to your hand.

The coating looks to be of high quality. The rubber of the handle is soft enough to provide an excellent grip and still very firm and durable. That will help your hand to be safe from critical hand injuries.


  • 100% Synthetic Carbon steel blade
  • Long Durability
  • Extra strap on the kabar for more Secure


  • The blade is made of junk metal, sometime it got broken earlier


3: Condor Tool & Knife, Golok Machete – Walnut Handle with Sheath

best survival machetes


This tool is a meaty full-tang blade made of quality steel. Nice and straight, and comes well sharpened for its purpose, the Conder tool machete is different from others that have appeared on the list. The Machete features a slight curve with the handle of walnut. The carbon steel blade length is 14 inches, and the overall length of this Machete is 19 inches.

The blade of the conder tool machete is made of 1075 High carbon steel with the finish of Epoxy Black Powder Coating blade, which is used to prevent corrosion, and frequently speaking, the smoother the knife, the more prominent the corrosion resistance.

Condor has a scoop for every need; rounded edges, shovels, camp spades, and picks. Fixed blade casting knives are featuring a long, thin stainless steel blade and hardwood handles. Condor’s multi-function utility machetes come in high carbon or stainless variants.

It proved tough enough to chop through big branches, hatchet style. I was most shocked by the massive-degree angle of the blade. It weighs a lot more than the cheaper jungle machetes I’ve observed, but will surely last generations following infrequent, repeated use.


  • 100% leather sheath included
  • It will remain for the Long time
  • The handle is very firm attached to the blade


  • The rivet between the belt loop and the sheath are separated


4: CRKT Halfachance Fixed Blade Parang Machete – Best For Survival, Hunting & Camping

best knife


CRKT Machete, also known as Columbia River Knife and Tool with a plentiful of sized blade, CRKT has a comfortable handle and reinforced nylon sheath, that’s why this is the best survival machetes to use when you are your rescue party.

It features a black corrosion-resistant blade, a football texture handle grip, and it feels very comfortable to hold in hand. The double shot molded handle is ergonomically intended to decrease hand fatigue and highlights multiple lanyard holes for varied grip options.

Ken Onion designed the high-quality Machete knife belongs to Kaneohe, Hawaii. He is also one of the most noted blade designers in the current period. Half the battle in any survival situation is with your physical exhaustion. This knife blade is made of 65Mn Carbon Steel with a length of 14″ (355.6 mm), The blade finish is Bead Blast w/Powder Coat with its overall length is 19.5″ (495.3 mm)

This Parang carries a reinforced nylon sheath with a unique velcro belt loop method that can be changed between two points: dangling or snug against the belt. An extra paracord fob comes tied onto the sheath for emergencies or beating this Parang machete to a pack, truck, or bundle of the mule.


  • It has a Football texture handle grip
  • The shape is excellent and also very sharp on arrival
  • It hacks through brushes, small trees, and plants


  • It is not good for chopping, It gets broke right in half when chopping


5: Kershaw Camp 18- Camp Series Machete

kukri knife


This Nice Looking Kershaw Camp machete is available in 18″ blade and 14″ blade. It is one of the best knives from the camp series. Made with durable, high-performance 65Mn steel and concluded with a mean-looking Black Powdercoat.

The handle of this Machete is covered by a textured rubber with Full tang construction and solid polymer contoured for a stable grip in any condition. A built-in handguard has produced a hole in the front and back of the handle for a lanyard.

18-inches blade features pure hacking power for most hard-use applications such as clearing brush, cutting, chopping, stripping bark, removing tough creepers, trail maintenance, and also helps for removing small plants.

Molded sheath added with lash points and nylon straps for protecting the blade and easy use the Machete on your body, for example, the durability of this Machete is one good option Whether buried in a jungle, in the backcountry, on a field. Even caught in a zombie apocalypse, this best Machete is a rough and tumble tool for almost any situation.


  • Full tang machete made with high quality performance
  • Excellent Weapon for use in Camp or in deep Jungle
  • This Machete is a beast having a big chunk of steel


  • The grip is not good sometime hand gets sweaty and it will definitely slip and twist


6: Ontario Knife Co 1-18 – Military Machete Review


If you are looking for a not expensive but long durability machete rather than a fancy knife, then Ontario Knife Company 18 is one of them. It has long-running durability that makes it more popular among the other cutting tools.

The overall length of this beautiful Machete is 24″ made of 1095 carbon steel. The blade is hardened to 50-55 HRC, and the length of the blade is 18″. Its handle is covered by Molded plastic and riveted, which makes more strong grip of this knife.

It is durable and cuts through hedges, bushes, and small branches like a champ. Even cut a little tree down with this machine. It is surprisingly long-lasting and holds up to severe environments and treatment. So as long as you keep it, it will remain and works perfectly for years. That’s probably because Ontario makes this Machete, especially for the military.

The tip of this knife is slightly wider than the edge closer to support “like a Parang style,” which puts the power of this Knife near the tip. This tool will be providing you with more power in your stroke. But, this Machete doesn’t feel heavy and can be comfortably used for hours without much disturbance.


  • Made of 1095 Carbon Steel
  • Molded plastic and rooted handle
  • If you don’t sharpen it so you can shave with it.


  • It is not a much strong tool, If it slips from your hand machete may get broke


7: Condor Tool & Knife, Parang Machete Review – Hardwood Handle with Sheath

parang machete


The Condor Knife & Tool Parang Machete is an ethnic design that highlights the very graceful, weights of machetes and has logged many hundreds of hours using them to complete duties like making trails, clearing scrub, and removing trees, etc.

The blade design measures 17 1/2 inches in length made from 1075 high carbon Plain Tool Steel with Epoxy Black Powder Coating finish to help prevent corrosion.

It has a leather belt sheath excellent for those who want their traditional knives close to them. The sheath is beautiful, well made with three swivel points, one for the belt loop, and the rest two for buttons that hold the blade in position. Also, the sheath holds The blade very tightly, and it will not be a fast draw, so don’t expect to be whipping it out.

The handle of this Machete is made of hardwood, which has a secure grip that feels handle is very comfortable. Somehow tang is not Smooth with the wood, But it is not such bad if you don’t have soft hands or hockey tape.


  • 100% Leather Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • It has long durability and Built for high class performance
  • The blade is much thicker at the base than at the tip


  • Excellent tool but Little bit of expensive as compare to others

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8: Cold Steel 97KMS – Affordable Best Kukri Machete

steel machete


Here we are with another affordable machete cold steel 97KMS with long-lasting durability. This machete has a very simple sharp 13″ steel blade. The kukri’s blade is constructed of 1055 carbon steel (not stainless) and heat-treated to 49-52 on the Rockwell system.

The Machete has a black polypropylene (semi-hard plastic) handle. The handle is 5″ long and has ribs molded into both the top and bottom.

There are only a few knives in the world that we can imagine that can out-chop or out-cut a good Kukri. This lovely machete comes fully sharpened and ready to tackle the toughest jobs without much effort. The overall length of this knife is 18″ with a 2.75-millimeter blade thickness. The sheath of this tool is made of Cor-Ex, which is essentially nylon over semi-soft substitute.

It’s an improvement over most machete sheaths, as it does the sheath more firm while not scoring much more power than a conventional sheath. Cutting poles for houses or meat-drying racks up to 6″ in diameter never took more than a dozen strokes. You have to use the right technique with it. It is highly recommended as your first cutting tool for long bushcraft activities.


  • Very affordable price
  • It has Knife’s edge on an angle to boost bite with every stroke
  • It has a durable polypropylene handle


  • The Grind on the edge of the knife is quite abnormal


9: Outdoor Edge Brush Demon – Big Blade Survival Knife


Outdoor Edge brush demon is one of the best machetes for survival. It is constructed of 65Mn carbon steel and protected with a durable black powder coat Finish with 13.5″ of the sharp blade, which is too fast for cutting.

This robust and high-speed chopper is perfectly Balanced for cleaning the most solid brush. The Overall Lenth of this tool is 20 inches with The rubberized TPR handle guarantees a positive and non-slip grip, even when your hands are wet. The handle of this knife is too slim and moves just enough when using to create blisters in your hand.

The famous colossal knife designs this beautiful machete, custom bladesmith Jerry Hossom who based the design on the Greek Kopis sword; the Outdoor Edge Brush Demon is a heavy-duty chopping tool configuration with a recurved blade.

It also cuts through the small brush with comfort, and even after putting on some branches, the edge is holding up well with only slight scrapes on the powder coating on the blade. A nylon sheath amazingly well makes the sheath.


  • This Machete has high speed in chopping
  • Used for Ultimate survival knife
  • The handle ensures a positive non-slip grip, even when wet


  • This tool is too long and too thin to use to chop hard woods and baton


10: Condor Tool & Knife – Engineer Bolo Machete Review


This Lovely Condor tool knife is Crafted with the highest quality materials. It has the best performance and extended durability with made of 5mm-1075 high carbon steel. The size of the blade is 15 inches with an overall size is 20 and 1/2 inches. Its spotless slices through inch thick limbs and its diameter and grind profile make it ideal for splitting wood. It is almost a part of an inch thick and has a good bit of strength.

It has a convex grind, not unlike a hatchet or an ax, which allows it to split and chop very effectively. This knife made the chopping easy without requiring a lot of effort. The Handle of this knife is pretty smooth and requires a good grip. The hardwood handle scales can get slippery, which is why I suggest you wear gloves.

The overall handle is perfect. It increases the slicing effect of a strike by producing an angle with the blade providing the best quality of the razor and handle.

The sheath is excellent, and the belt loop axes, which is an important feature. The leather is thick and robust, and the rivets are a painful duty. I can safely wear this blade on my hip while I’m traveling on horseback. The sheath is exceptionally very good, it’s not designed for quick access but works for the purpose of protecting the blade and you very well.


  • High Quality Hardwood handle
  • It cleanly slices thick limbs and bushes
  • A Decent light-weighted machete


  • Not Advertised accurately


11: Ontario Knife Company 8680 SP8 – Sporting and Rescue use


This Ontario knife is designed for military, sporting, and rescue use. The spec plus results are a diverse mix of the top-selling, and this survival knife is made of SP8 with 1095 carbon steel blades. Full tang construction and the sheath are designed with tactics that have a soft and robust belt grip feels very comfortable. It usually came with a hybrid leather or nylon sheath, but this one only comes with a nylon sheath.

The length of the blade is 15,” and the overall length of this machete is 20″ with epoxy textured powder-coated finish. The handle of these machetes is very comfortable made of Kraton, which provides the best and secure grip. It is a little bit heavy side, but in the sheath, on your belt, it isn’t that noticeable. It will de-limb a tiny tree for shelter-making in seconds. This tool comes with a proper edge and takes very little work to improve that.

In current times this knife is one of the most excellent cutting tools on the market. It has a nice weight and balance, cuts easily in uncomfortable places. There are many cutting tools, but it doesn’t seem to work well against harder woods, but this machete works perfectly against the thicker woods in less time.


  • It is a Multitasker because it can perform many jobs
  • Great tool for splitting and chopping wood
  • The machete is excellent, buying it is a great value of money


  • It is a not good tool for batoning


12: Gil Hibben IV Combat Machete Review – Safety and long durability

Gil Hibben IV Combat Machete


The Gil Hibben IV Combat is Most safe and has long durability for the harshest conditions. It is designed with high-quality materials used to make all USA products for passionate, agents, and severe users all over the world. The length of this knife blade is 11-1/4 inches and is made of 440 stainless steel blades. The overall length of this machete is 16- 1/2 inches with an exposed coating finish.

The Handle of this machete is comfortable and attached design firmly by a solid hardwood handle that has a firm grip. The sheath is formed of real leather and fits the blade correctly, it might not be the most reliable, most well-made, but it works beautifully. If ever a zombie’s head needs cracking, this would surely do the trick! Or if you just need to fight off a small bear or chop down some branches, it will be good and helps you a lot in that case.

This is a fantastic chopper. It works like a giant ax. It cuts through a 16-inch tree stump in about 20 swings. This tool can also break down eight large branches from an aspen tree in about some minutes. The blade is very sharp it cuts whatever it touches, and is held up perfectly. A 6″ diameter tree is nothing against this beautiful knife.


  • Safety and durability are tested for the toughest conditions
  • The sheath is of excellent quality and good tan color
  • The Sheath Includes a top grain leather


  • This tool is not good for survival or bushcraft

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13: Condor Tool & Knife Review – Best Duku Machete

best duku machete


Confor tool and knife are one of the best Duku machetes available at the current time. The blade of this machete is very thick and sharp, with a thickness of 4.5mm created of 1075 high carbon steel with a blade length of 15 1/2 inches. The handle of this machete is created of hardwood makes this tool looks excellent and provides an impressive secure grip. The overall length of this knife is 22 1/4″.

The wood handle is thick and robust, has caused me no blisters even after extensive use, and has a curved edge so it won’t fly out of your wet hand. It has a Natural blade finish with welted crafted sheath for the best protection. The sheath isn’t tightly fitted, but it is decent quality leather and protects things well enough. The full tang and reliable accessories make me believe this will remain for a long time.

This tool holds an edge ideally and is easy to sharpen. This knife chops thick wood quickly and also fantastic for batoning wood. It doesn’t shine at any one thing, but this is the kind of machete that would make a good for workers.


  • Functional and well built
  • This product has a Beautiful piece of steel
  • You can use this tool for bushcraft, survival or backyard brush clearing


  • The edge of this blade is not good for performing some tasks


14: Woodman’s Pal 2.0 – Multi-Use Axe Machete Review

expensive machete


Woodman pal 2.0 is our third because it is perfect for many things like Survival, Bushcraft, Gardening, Fishing, Hunting, Land Management, Camping, and many more occasion. It helps a lot. The blade of this machete is swift and sharp. It cuts whatever it touches, and it is made of 1074/1075 High-Carbon Spring Steel with a thickness of 110. It has Solar Matte Powder Coat Finish for Ultimate Corrosion Safety.

The handle of this beautiful knife is made of Ash Wood Stained for Appearance, then Urethane Covered for Protection, and Finally, Hand-Painted with Beeswax for a more extra and secure grip. The Handle has been Increased Slightly to Provide more Torque when Chopping, and it also allows multiple grips. The Sheath of this tool is designed for Secure and Reliable Handling Premium quality Leather. It also Includes Belt Loop for Accessible and Comfortable Carry.

The machete has long durability; it works ideally for more than six months. In some cases, it runs as much as you take care of this tool. It Chops up to 1 1/2″ diameter hedges with single stroke Fells more giant trees and brush by consecutive using this beautiful knife.


  • Perfect for Survival
  • The blade is very Swift and Sharp
  • It allows the Multiple grips


  • This tool is so much expensive


Best Machete 2021 Buyers’ Guide

Before buying any of the Machete from any brand, there are some everyday things to keep in mind for investing in the right knife for you. Some of them may be excellent for chopping while other machete types may fit well in other activities like camping, Survival, etc.

Though most of the modern machetes are expertise in their own, different areas and some have a wide range of utility. To get more advantages from these tools, You have to know what kinds of work you need from the machete.

buyers guide for best machete

before buying anything you require to understand what are the main parts of the machete

 Blade Shape 

Machetes are designed differently from other ones. Most of them are based on their origin. So here are the most famous knives based on blade shape in all our the world.

  • Kukri
  • Bolo
  • Parang
  • Golok
  • Panga
  • Heavy
  • Tapanga
  • Bowie
  • Barong

Each has a significant advantage and is designed as a weighted forward tool to produce some extra energy. The Kukri knife has an excellent curved blade angle giving it more chopping power compare to other machetes.

 Blade Material 

There are mostly three types of steel blades used by the knife manufacturer while designing the machete.

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • High carbon stainless steel

Carbon steel has the sharpest blade among all these three steel types they are very keen on and can hold the edge for an extended period you need to take care of it by polishing it with oil. For survival issues and hard chopping, this tool can be used.

here you can get a complete guide regarding how to sharpen a machete for sharping your machete and make it a cutting beast.

The stainless steel blade is made by adding nickel and chromium to natural carbon steel. That’s why it is more expensive than a carbon steel blade. It has an impressive cutting ability, which reduces its reactance work. It is much easier to re-sharpen because it has a lower strength.

The high carbon stainless steel blade is the Addition of the previous two types. The best properties are mixed to make one solid item. So it has a medium strength and rust resisting ability, which, as a result, it became more expensive. The durability of your blade longly depends on how you sharp it for that you need a Best Sharpening Stone for your knife

 Blade Length 

The length of the machete can be in a wide range. Usually, the blade length of this knife is a minimum of 8 inches to 28 inches maximum. The short machete blades are of excellent use in narrow spaces, and they will give you more command over the movement of the blade. And this can be your best machete for survival. It Needs more energy to make your knife a chopping beast.

The long blade will give extra protection in this aspect. But due to its long knife, it will carry substantial weight with it, and bringing it all day can make you very dull.

 Handle Shape and Material 

Top-quality machetes have the best types of handle shapes. Most of them have simple ways to have a guard which protects from slipping hand on the blade. The handle can be connected to the sword with rivets or not. Each stem has a cord hole with it to secure some extra security. The handles can be round, squared, and curved shapes.

The round and bent machete shapes are almost comfortable and ergonomic, whereas the square section grip may cause some injuries by giving the feel of the excitement when you hit a strike. The materials of the knife also contribute a lot to make perfect handles. There are serval types of handles like hardwood handles.

Textured grip, Ruber handles, Stuntwood handles, molded plastic handle, stainless steel handle, and many more. Wood handle machete is very common for parang types of knives. It provides a good grip, warm feel, it is very lightweight but is relatively expensive, which required regular maintenance.

Leather handle machete is standard among all knives. It provides a very comfortable grip. But it can be slippery and requires a lot of support. It is much expensive rather than other handles. The last one is the micarta handle, which is the composites of linen, canvas, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or other fabric in a thermosetting synthetic. It gives a very comfortable and safe grip. Therefore it is also a little bit expensive.


The sheath is one of the essential stuff because it provides you protection. There are various types of the sheath, according to the different machetes. Sometimes it can be infrequent. The sheath is made of leather, solid nylon, Cordura made, which has to design of nylon, cotton, and natural fibers. The leather sheath is relatively long-lasting and durable. It usually comes with high quality and expensive machetes.

The sheath involves bands and belt loops with it so that you can bring it with you all day. It has also included a D-ring that serves to swivel the blade more quickly when you walk through the forest or sit down for comfort.

One last thing you must remember from buying any one of them is that the best sheaths always come with the best quality machetes and those usually cost expensive. To find out which one is fulfilling all your requirements, we have provided you with the best knives of the current period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Purpose Machete Used For?
In daily life, the machete is used for cutting, while the lite weighted upper blade provides chopping and other survival situations because of that; Machetes are a part of regular life. The tool is extremely versatile and also can act like both an ax and a knife.

Can machete used as a weapon?
Yes, Of course, you can use it as a weapon because it is widely used for the milliary. After all, it has an extremely sharp edge, which is the best tool in dangerous areas like a forest, jungle, etc.

Is it Dangerous to Use Machetes?
Yes, in some cases, while you are feeling tired, this machete can be dangerous for you because You are not cutting or rotating the sword across your body. Unless, if your machete slips from your hand, it can hit your body, especially your knee or hand, and can convert your body into a massive injury.

Are the machetes are legal?
Yes, they are 100% legal because these are listed as farm tools by United States law. Unlike cutting knives and swords, which are categorized as weapons, but in the UK, they are now illegal to sell, buy, or import.

Can we carry machete in our car?
Yes, but in the same case, while you are purchasing or bringing it home. In another example, it is not good to keep the machete in your car because it is a weapon, and the police won’t allow it, so best to leave it at home.



In the earlier list, we have provided you the list of best machetes And also given a complete guide to choosing the ideal match for you. We are not claiming that this list to be the most comprehensive. There are some other great machetes that may fit well into your daily living.

But we are so much confident enough that the complete analysis of our page will surely help you to find the most fitting one for you quickly. We also have collected hundreds of machete reviews to investigated them thoroughly. After some hours of study, we have presented this list to you. We hope that you will accept this article helpfully.

Also, if you have any further questions in your mind, feel free to leave a message in the comment section. I’ll be glad to answer your question. and you also can check more details about our site So, we hope this article will be instructive for you. Thanks for visiting us!